Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

January 23rd to January 29th 2006

MONDAY January 23
SONAR Whales and Dolphins comment

SONAR is the technical name for “SOund NAvigation and Ranging”. We can't detect this, but whales and dolphins can hear it all too clearly. It interferes with their communication and drives them insane. Navy Sonar has recently become much more powerful. It is the most likely cause of several 'mass strandings'. If whales could speak they'd say, 'Please turn it off before you kill us all.' This weekend they sent a representative on a desperate mission to the Houses of Parliament. Whales must be praying that the human race is now intelligent enough to interpret their message properly.

TUESDAY January 24
Female Leaders email

Hi Jonathan,
With female presidents in Liberia and Chile and a female chancellor in Germany, is the tide turning in favour of women leaders? And if so, do you think Hillary Clinton will become President of the USA in 2008?
Thanks, June

Dear June,
Hillary is a Scorpio and Scorpios do not always do what people expect them to! We should not automatically assume she will put herself forward. If she does, though, she will win. A tide is indeed turning. We can expect to see many more women attain positions of high office soon.

WEDNESDAY January 25
Global Climate Change email

Hi Jonathan,
I'm very worried about global climate change. Do you agree with those who say that it will get worse?

Dear Jason,
I appear to have developed a reputation for being the astrologer who says, 'Don't worry, it will all be fine.' Despite this, I am very concerned about global warming. The planets suggest it is a very real, urgent issue that needs to be taken much more seriously. Rather ironically, though, they also suggest that as long as enough people start worrying soon, we won't have quite so much to worry about!

THURSDAY January 26
Venus retrograde email

Dear Jonathan,
Lately I have noticed money slipping through my fingers, expensive appliances needing repair and financial problems looming. Could this be to do with Venus, the planet of prosperity, moving backwards?

Dear Julian,
It could. But whenever Venus is 'retrograde' it also becomes easier to see why economic problems occur... and how to fix them. It's also a good time for those who want to better understand their loved ones and their lovers. In a week or so, Venus will start moving ahead again. Meanwhile, if you face a problem, look for hidden insights and solutions.

FRIDAY January 27
Five Star Service comment

Every Thursday afternoon, I stand behind a microphone for several hours, recording the latest set of in-depth spoken predictions for each sign. First, I digest all the astrological information with my head. Then, I close my eyes, draw a deep breath... and speak from my heart. I can often hardly believe what I hear myself saying. It's as if every last drop of wisdom and insight that I possess is being drawn out of some 'inner well' that I can't normally access. Many people tell me that these forecasts are the most useful and inspiring readings I ever give. I recorded a new set of these forecasts yesterday, as usual. If you'd like to hear yours, just click on the 5 Star Service link in the menu on the left hand side of the website, for a month's free, no obligation trial of our new five-star service.

SATURDAY January 28
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY January 29
Year of the Fire Dog

Your Week Ahead:

Some years ago, I made friends with a Tibetan Monk. He's roughly my own age and we turned out to have a similar sense of humour. To him, this was obvious. We were both, after all, born in the year of the Rooster. When I explained to him how Western astrology uses more than just the year to assess a person's character, he nodded in agreement. In Tibet, too, other factors are considered. We were holding our conversation in Delhi, India because, like many Tibetans, my friend lives in exile since the Chinese invaded his land. Ironically, though, for his people and the people of China too, this weekend is a time of shared celebration. The New Moon, in what we call Aquarius, means, in that part of the world, that the year of the Fire Dog is about to begin.


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