Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

January 30th to February 5th 2006

MONDAY January 30
Derek Acorah comment

Last night, I appeared live on a cable TV show about a chap called Derek Acorah who investigates haunted buildings. I felt I had to participate because he was in York and he wanted to visit my Psychic Museum. Having taken a close look at Derek's birth chart I can happily confirm that he's not a fake, but nor am I quite convinced that he receives his information from the inhabitants of the world beyond. I think he actually gets it from the inhabitants of this world.... telepathically! Most mediums, in my experience, are actually impressively talented mind readers.

TUESDAY January 31
New Moon comment

'Mr Moon, Mr Moon, You're out too soon, the Sun is in the sky. Cover up your head, go back to bed, let the rest of the day go by.' My four-year-old daughter loves this song. She thinks the Moon is funny because it keeps changing shape and playing hide and seek. Today, a tiny “banana moon” will rise at breakfast and set at suppertime. You'll see it most easily just after dark. New Moons like this herald “new beginnings”. If you want to start doing things differently from now on, today's an auspicious time to start.

WEDNESDAY February 1
Nostradamus email

Dear Jonathan,
I have just read a terrifying book about Nostradamus. It predicts devastation, famine, an 'AntiChrist, World War III etc. Do you agree?

Dear Jo,
Nostradamus was a 16th century French astrologer who wrote in cryptic verse which has never been properly deciphered. This means his words can easily be twisted by anyone with a book to sell. Readers with long memories may recall that ten years ago, on this very website, I was telling people not to believe his 'prophecy' about the imminent end of the world. It wasn't nigh then... and it isn't nigh now!

THURSDAY February 2
Mediums comment

On Monday, I wrote about people who pass on messages from the spirit world. I suggested they could be telepaths who are actually reading the minds of the living. I have since had an avalanche of letters. Some readers are irate because they feel that all such activities are fraudulent. Others insist that mediums do exactly what they say they are doing. It seems I have simultaneously upset the believers and the non-believers of this world. I may have also upset the inhabitants of the next world. So far, though, I haven't had any messages from them!

FRIDAY February 3
Venus 'stationary'comment

Venus becomes 'stationary' today. Note please, that's stationary with an 'a'. I am not suggesting that the heavenly symbol of love is now turning into a nice piece of notepaper with a matching envelope! Nor am I really trying to suggest that it is standing still. Celestial bodies never stop moving. Sometimes though, when viewed from Earth, they appear to speed up, slow down or change direction. At such times - and especially during their brief 'stationary' phase, astrologers find they have an exceptionally powerful influence. This weekend, for some of us, Valentine's Day is going to arrive early!

SATURDAY February 4
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY February 5
Snake and hamster comment

Your Week Ahead:

Around the same time that a whale swam up the river to to Houses of Parliament, some interesting news came out of Tokyo. A snake, in a zoo, has made friends with a hamster. Its keeper, concerned that the snake was rejecting its usual diet of frozen mice, decided to give it a 'live' meal. The snake, though, refused to eat this visitor to its cage. Instead, the two have started living happily, side by side. It's easy to dismiss this as a peculiar anomaly but I predict we'll hear many more strange stories soon. 2006 is an exceptional year. It brings a long season of rare 'lunar standstills' during which we will all find ourselves having to stop, stand still for a while and rethink our idea about what is or isn't 'natural'. The influence will affect animals, just as much as humans. It seems that many of them are already trying to get a message across to us!


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