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July 3rd to July 9th 2006

Oscar Peterson

Legends speak of gods who come to earth and take human form. This weekend, I found myself in the presence of such a being. It moved me so much, I feel compelled to repeat the experience. If you'd care to join me at the feet of a master tonight, head for the Symphony Hall in Birmingham where a legendary Leo who turns eighty-one in August will play notes that shimmer with timeless grace No matter where you live, a pilgrimage to see Oscar Peterson is worth the journey.

Hot Weather Challenges email

Dear Jonathan,
How can people born under the various signs best cope with hot weather challenges this summer? As a Virgo I feel smothered by the heat, humidity and poor air quality in a big city. Eleanor

Dear Eleanor,
I am not so sure that different zodiac signs suffer summer discomforts in different ways. I am, though, very keen to hear about 'alternative treatments' for hay fever and summer exhaustion. I find that hot drinks made with big pieces of fresh ginger help to keep the symptoms at bay, but if anyone has any other remedies do drop me a line!

When does the beginning begin email

Hi Jonathan,
When does a beginning really begin? Is the horoscope for a new job based on the time of the interview? Is the chart of a relationship based on the day you first meet someone or the time of the first date?

Dear Tanya,
In the case of a new job, it's the moment you first turn up for work. In the case of a person, the moment you draw your first independent breath. In the case of a relationship, it's tricky. Most astrologers prefer to work with different special charts that combine both partners' details.

Mayan Prophecies 2012 email

Hi Jonathan,
I have heard that, according to Mayan Prophecies, 2012 will bring "the end of time as we know it." What do you think this means?

Dear Gerald,
2012 brings a transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. The Mayans knew this... for they based their calendar on this planet. Perhaps they also knew that, by this point in Earth's history, our scientists would be deeply serious about developing time travel. I don't, though, think there's any need to worry about 'the end of time'. Time has no beginning so how can it have an end?

Hayfever remedies

I have been very busy this week, doing interviews to promote my new book. I'm delighted to see that Cosmic Ordering has reached Number 1 on the Amazon pre-order list. Really, though, it ought not to be on 'pre-order' any more because it IS in print... and Amazon should be sending them out any moment if they haven't started already.

Meanwhile, I recently asked if anyone knew of alternative remedies for hay fever. A lot of people have suggested eating honey produced in your own locality. There were many other ideas too: 'See a Chiropractor,' says Jack. Apparently they have a special treatment for this. Donatella writes: 'I'm an Ayurvedic healer. A lot of ginger works for some people but most are better off with a tea made from five parts ground coriander to one part ginger.' JG says 'Drink a big cup of black coffee (with caffeine) early in the morning before body circulation is up. The ingredients may dampen the immune system from overreacting.' Karen, meanwhile, recommends peppermint tea, while Gareth swears by a 'neti pot'. This is a yogic technique of flushing the nostrils with tepid salt water. Ezri has a similar idea: 'I fill the sink with cold water and splash my face, particularly my eyes thoroughly. I then snort the water, carefully, or the effect is the same as jumping into a pool without holding your nose. I then gargle with the stuff a few times. All this seems to have the effect of washing out the pollen from my eyes, nose and throat, leaving me feeling refreshed.'

Anneke suggests the Bowen Technique. She says: 'I have treated people with this wonderful, gentle technique for a few years now and hayfever sufferers respond very well. They sometimes don't even need their medication any more.'

Judith finds a few sprays on the tongue of Bach 'Rescue Remedy' really helps. Katy says, 'I have had hayfever since the age of 13 (I'm now 34). I have cured it through eating much more fruit and veg, vitamin C, no alcohol and less white bread and dairy.'

Today's last word goes to Frances, who writes: 'I had horrendous sinus problems for years until I tried an ioniser and now I do not suffer at all.'

I'll print more suggestions soon.

No Thought for the Day

Sport comment

Your Week Ahead:

Apparently, some sort of football game is due to take place this weekend. I hear there may be a couple of tennis matches too. Appropriately, the Moon is now in Sagittarius. That's probably the most competitive sign of the zodiac and certainly one of the most energetic. Mars, meanwhile, is the planet of battles and tournaments. It forms a harmonious angle to the Moon on Sunday. For good measure, Jupiter, planet of fortune and fairness, is changing direction after a long period of edging backwards through the zodiac. So who will win? Whoever most deserves to. And who will lose? Whoever forgets that there's more to life than sport!


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