Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 10th to July 16th 2006

MONDAY July 10
Time email

Dear Jonathan,
You recently said time has no beginning so it can have no end. Surely though, everything has a beginning and an end?
Regards, Rasaq

Dear Rasaq,
Space goes on forever. Time too. But we don't! That's why we find the idea of infinity so hard to grasp. It may also be why people are attracted to concepts like 'The Big Bang'. We seem to think that, if only we can 'prove' the cosmos had a beginning at some point we can stop our heads from hurting while we come to terms with the fact that it didn't!

Cosmic Order email

Dear Jonathan,
We have seen our dream house but it is not for sale. Would asking the Cosmos help?
Regards, Gill

Dear Gill,
Simply by seeing and expressing a desire for this house, you have already, effectively, placed your cosmic order. The universe will help you if it can, but it cannot make someone change their mind to suit you. You'll get your request granted only if the owners secretly want (or need) to sell. This may be so. You never know. But if you get no joy, ask the universe to steer you towards another equally ideal place.

Cosmic Order Angels email

Dear Jonathan,
For years I have been asking for assistance from the angels. I have successfully requested parking spaces, direction in choosing a car for my daughter, even upgrades on flights and hotel rooms. Is this the same thing as cosmic ordering?

Dear Sue,
Cosmic Ordering is just another word for asking your higher self, your guardian angel, your lucky star or even your creator for help! It doesn't matter what you call it. If you're reaching out humbly to the universe for invisible intervention, you're doing something powerful and positive that's highly likely to work.

Space and time email

I have to tell you I was a little surprised when you said, the other day, 'Space goes on forever. Time too. But we don't.' How can you say that? How can you know that? Anything is possible. Anything.
Sincerely, Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,
Sorry. I was talking about scientific concepts such as 'The Big Bang'. Some people use such theories rather like cowboys use whips - to tame the bucking bronco of eternal incomprehensibility. Really, though, when I said 'We don't go on forever', all I actually meant... was that we don't go on exactly as we currently are!

FRIDAY July 14
Struck by Lightening email

Hi Jonathan,
The other evening during a short electrical storm, our house was struck by lightning. There was a tremendous cracking sound but no damage done (though we were left with a lingering smell of sulphur). Do you think there is cosmic significance in this? I have been feeling reinvigorated since it happened.

Dear Kim,
Lightning may seem like a dangerous, angry force but it can be a very positive symbol too. You were clearly singled out by the sky for special attention! I suspect it's a heavenly invitation to wake up and re-assess some of your priorities.

No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY July 16
Delta Aquarid meteors

Your Week Ahead:

Watch out, this week, for shooting stars. Between now and the end of the month, we may see quite a few as our jouney round the Sun takes us through the region where the "Delta Aquarid" meteors congregate. In many different lands people traditionally read great meaning into these celestial firework shows. Some see them as the spirits of departing souls, going to take their place in the heavens. Others believe them to be the product of a fire-breathing dragon. In our own culture, we tend to see such brief, bright streaks of light as rare, auspicious omens on sight of which, rather like four-leafed clovers... we are entitled to make a heartfelt wish.


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