Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 17th to July 23rd 2006

MONDAY July 17
World War III email

Dear Jonathan,
Several experts have suggested that the current trouble in the Middle East could draw in other nations until Russia and China are at loggerheads with the USA. Is this the start of WWIII?

Dear Allan,
World War III will not be a battle between nations but an international struggle for survival against the common enemy of global warming. Nobody is ever going to find an easy solution to the situation in the Middle East, but over the next two decades, a lasting compromise will slowly arise - and, meanwhile, these intense flare-ups won't trigger wider conflict.

Telepathy email

Dear Jonathan,
My mobile phone was switched off. Suddenly, I remembered I had promised to contact a colleague. When I turned on my phone it flashed up a symbol to tell me that I had just received a text from this person. I must have received her message by telepathy at the very moment it was being sent!

Dear Asha,
I suspect a lot of people have similar tales to tell. If anyone else has an experience of this kind to report, just 'think it to me'!

Telepathy email

Yesterday, I asked for tales about telepathy. As if by magic, a few arrived almost immediately:
"I was rummaging in a suitcase which I haven't tidied out since returning from South Africa five years ago. A friend there gave me a skirt which I had never worn. I put it on and to my astonishment, she phoned me later that evening, completely out of the blue." Eleanor
"I sent my friend a text asking a question. The second I sent it I received a text from her containing the answer." Michelle

Telepathy email

Dear Jonathan
Years ago, my father was watching TV. Suddenly he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. He walked out to get some air and felt compelled to look south-west. Thoughts of my brother filled his mind. Moments later my brother called. He had been in a car accident at precisely the time dad was experiencing this. It had happened exactly in the direction that dad had been looking in. Somehow he had known my brother was in trouble exactly when the trouble was happening.
Regards, Vee

FRIDAY July 21
Telepathy emails

I sell second hand books. Sometimes I look around and my eyes fall on to a random title. Almost always, that book will sell next day!
My sister and I were driving. I suddenly stopped at a shop. She asked why. I replied, "Didn't you want a cola?" She looked in amazement and said, "Yes, but I didn't say that out loud!"
My friend was in a London video shop. He called his son in Scotland to ask if a particular video was any good. His son was in a video shop too, holding the same movie!

No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY July 23
Jupiter and Venus

Your Week Ahead:

Jupiter, the planet of hope and justice, is bright in the evening now before sinking in the west just after bedtime. Venus, meanwhile, is the planet of romance and talent. It is now visible only to those who have woken before the dawn... or who have stayed up all night long! If you had a giant compass and you measured the angle between these two planets, you'd find it was exactly 120 degrees. Such alignments split the sky in three. They are considered fortuitous 'blessings'. For all, this week, who seek love, prosperity or creative inspiration, there's magic in the air. It's also a good time for all who want to heal wounds and form better bonds.


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