Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 24th to July 30th 2006

MONDAY July 24
Dark of the Moon

We are, once more, in the dark of the moon. Between now and the moment when a tiny sliver can be seen again, there's a mystical, magical atmosphere. Some people may find find themselves feeling strangely snappy, snippy, sensitive or sorrowful. Some grow anxious, apprehensive or angry. All these, though, are best understood as superficial responses to a much deeper astrological influence. Inwardly, we are being reminded of what really matters in our lives and why. Tradition tells us that the New Moon invariably awakens true instinct, intuition and emotional intelligence.

Cosmic Order comment

I am often asked whether there are special astrological conditions under which a 'cosmic order' is more likely to be effective. In theory, you can ask the universe for help at any time and, as long as you are sincere, it will 'hear' you. It's not as if our guardian angels work shifts or take Wednesdays off. They are permanently aware of us, but we often forget about them. On New Moon days like today, though, we tend to become less cynical about the existence of 'higher forces' and more conscious of how and where we most need assistance.

Sea Shells story

I found myself in Penzance, yesterday, with my five-year-old daughter. While visiting the harbour we came across a shop with a large display of decorative shells. I found myself unable to resist a silly question to the lady behind the counter. 'Can we truly say of you,' I inquired, 'that she sells sea shells by the sea shore?' Thankfully, she played along. My daughter is now convinced that we met the original subject of the famous tongue-twister and having made a purchase, I can confirm that 'the shells that she sells are sea shells, I'm sure!'

More Telepathy Tales

Here are some more of your 'telepathy tales':
Dear Jonathan, One night I tried on a dress I've not been able to get into for years. Next day I saw someone else wearing the same one. Anne
My friend from the tennis club asked if her friend Elaine could join us on a walk. While getting ready I suddenly wondered if it would be an Elaine I was at school with and hadn't thought about for thirty years. Lo and behold, it was! Liz
I can always tell who is calling by an almost imperceptible difference in the way the phone rings plus an 'electricity' in the air. Bill.

FRIDAY July 28
Instinctive email

Hi Jonathan
Every work day I rise at 7.15am, make a cuppa and watch the news before getting ready for work. On Monday, unusually, I reset the alarm for an extra 15 minutes. I woke to a terrific crash. When I looked into the lounge, a mirror had fallen and shattered into thousands of pieces. Where I would have been sitting was covered in broken glass, though the wall fixings were still intact! Did something prevent me from getting up at my usual time to avoid a nasty accident?

Dear Marie,
I think you are wonderfully in tune with your instincts.

No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY July 30
Jupiter comment

Your Week Ahead:

Sometimes, radio presenters fill in for each other during the holiday season. The night time host takes over the morning show. The voice of daytime moves to drivetime. Something similar is happening in the sky now. Where Venus, the love planet, normally dominates dusk she's now shining just before dawn. Yet after Sunset, there's a planet every bit as bright in the very spot where you would expect Venus to be. That's Jupiter; the planet of largesse... and justice. So, where normally night is the time for amorous activity and each day starts with a positive intention to right the wrongs of the world... it's all the other way round for a while!


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