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June 5th to June 11th 2006

Full Moon Epilepsy comment

A team of researchers, led by Dr Panagiotis Polychronopoulos of the University of Patris's medical school in Greece, recently carried out a study into the records of patients with epilepsy. They found a 'striking increase' in seizures at Full Moon. To all who have an interest in astrology, this is entirely unremarkable. It is what you would expect: no more, no less. What's surprising about it is that finally, straight science is overcoming its notorious 'negative prejudice' and openly confirming the validity of some ancient astrological lore. At long last, we are starting to live in more enlightened times!

666 comment

A passage in the Book of Revelations suggests the number 666 is a mark of the devil. Many experts reckon it's a coded reference to a Roman emperor. They also think the original number was 616 and the middle digit in was accidentally misread by a shortsighted scholar, during a candlelit manuscript copying session. On 06.06.1906, nothing much happened, and nobody notorious was born. June 6 1806 passed without incident too. So, unless you suffer from Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of the number 666) there's no need to worry about today's date, even at six minutes and six seconds past six!

Do our birth signs influence the way we look?

Hi Jonathan,
I hear that our birth sign not only influences the way we act, but the way we look. For instance, a Libran will have softer features than an Aries while Pisceans and Cancerians appear to have "watery" eyes. Is there any truth to this?
Thanks Mike.

Dear Mike
Yes... but your 'sun sign' is not the sole influence on your appearance. Your rising sign, your moon sign plus other planetary factors make a difference, as do genetically inherited traits. That's why, when astrologers want to give reliable readings, they look at people's birth charts, not their faces!

World Cup Astrology

Rumours are beginning to reach me of an imminent international sporting tournament. I can't yet confirm that there is any truth in this... but I plan to spend the next few days looking for flags, fluttering from car windows. They're usually a good telltale sign. Or maybe, I'll cast a horoscope. It's about the only World Cup astrology I CAN do because there's no point in predicting the outcome. If I foresee victory for any country other than England, I'll either be deeply unpopular or obliged to live like a Trappist for weeks. Best not to look, I reckon!

Full Moon

We all become a little wilder at the weekend. Generally speaking, there's less pressure on our time and more chance, therefore, to spontaneously express our emotions. We can get a little giddier, party a little harder - and experience a little more intensity. Full Moons are also notorious for stirring up excitement and drama. This weekend's full moon will become 'exact' in the sign of Sagittarius, at 7pm on Sunday.

No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY June 11
Full Moon and Lunar Standstill Season

Your Week Ahead:

Who cares what's on TV this week? The real big show is taking place outside your window. It begins, shortly after sunset, with a dramatic Full Moon. It looks stunning because we're in the midst of a rare season of 'Lunar Standstills'. Look a little higher and you should see Jupiter, beaming brightly all night. Glance back in the direction where the Sun went down and you'll catch Mars and Saturn, edging towards the great conjunction they will make next week. If you can stay up after they have sunk beyond the horizon you will also see Venus, heralding the dawn. How auspicious is all this? Very! It's due to be a fine week for most folk.


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