Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

June 26th to July 2nd 2006

MONDAY June 26
Dark of the Moon Sensitivity comment

We are in the Dark of The Moon once more. If you're feeling sensitive or uneasy, that's probably why. We become more receptive to our innermost feelings at this time of the month in much the same way as radio receivers become better able to pick up distant signals after dark. We have to be careful about what we tune into. We can hear our intuition more clearly if we really try to listen to it, but to get its message properly, we must filter out the sound of our unfounded fears, our unnecessary concerns and our romantic fantasies.

Bird Flew In email

Dear Jonathan,
We were in the front room. A brown bird flew in and though our dog usually chases birds, she just ran out. The bird stayed, chirping. My husband tried to shoo it away but it did not flinch. Does this have a meaning?

Dear Janet,
When I first began to receive ornithological enquiries, I rejected them as 'outside my area'. Then I decided that birds are “messengers from the skies” just like planets. I'm still learning how to interpret avian movements, but in this case I suspect you were getting a reminder from nature to become more courageous.

Something Spooky email

Dear Jonathan,
Something very spooky happened yesterday - I thought I would share it with you. I opened my front door to leave the house and found four £1 coins on my doormat. Later that day I was faced with an important decision about pricing a new magazine that I am involved in publishing. There was a general feeling among my colleagues that I had been asking too much at £4.50. They suggested I consider reducing the price to £4. Needless to say, I agreed immediately!

Dear Ross,
I just love it whenever things like this happen!

Parents and Carers email

Dear Jonathan,
Some of my male Taurean friends have recently had one knockback after another. My Taurean 8 year-old son, though, is finding life more affirming and exciting than ever. Is that because, as parents and carers, we can shield our young from planetary adversity?

Dear Sophy,
Yes! In the life of a child, a parent is at least as influential as any planet. This is one reason why astrologers need to be cautious about offering readings for youngsters. If we interpret a child's chart for a parent, we risk shaping what should be a natural, intuitive relationship.

FRIDAY June 30
Spirits Astrological Signs email

Dear Jonathan,
Do spirits retain the astrological signs they bore in life? I have the strangest sense that they do.
Thanks, Gina

Dear Gina,
I don't know. But then nor does anyone else. My guess, though, is that 'They do and they don't.' I suspect that when we die, we retain a portion of the identity we had while we were alive... yet we also become aware that we are a part of something much bigger. I'd be as surprised if our souls turned out to have zodiac signs as I would be to discover that they had nationalities!

No Thought for the Day

Storms on Jupiter

Your Week Ahead:

There are two giant storms taking place, right now, on the surface of Jupiter. One is the famous 'red spot'. The other can be seen as a smaller red marking. On Tuesday, they are due to collide. The event is only really of interest to keen astronomers... and astrologers. To those of us who read meaning into the sky, it's a deeply symbolic development. It suggests a release of energy, a convergence of power, and a drama about to unfold. Jupiter is traditionally the planet of hope, justice and jollity. The implication here, is that the world may yet find it soon has something rather special to celebrate.


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