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October 2nd to 8th October 2006

MONDAY October 2nd
Never been in love email

Dear Jonathan,
I am a 52-year-old single man who has never been in love. I have met women I have liked, but I have never met that one person with whom I could make a deep connection. I know it is never too late, but you cannot make love happen and I feel I have missed out on one of life's great mysteries. My question is, why is it that love happens for a lot of people but not others? Colin

Dear Colin,
Don't worry so much about 'being in love'. Just relax and allow love to be in you!

TUESDAY October 3
UB313 - Eris email

Dear Jonathan,
Back when the newly discovered 'dwarf planet' UB313 was nicknamed Xena, you mentioned that the warrior princess imagery boded well for women. But now the name has been changed to Eris, Goddess of Discord, it sounds quite discouraging.
Thanks, Ellen

Dear Ellen,
The Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are 'male' symbols. So too are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Mercury is androgynous. Only the Moon and Venus are female. A new goddess, regardless of what she stands for, is to be welcomed. And, though Eris is clearly a disruptive influence, I am not sure she's a negative one.

Self-fulfilling prophecy email

Dear Jonathan,
My wife believes, whenever I tell her about daily aspects of the planets, that I am only programming myself into acting out a self-fulfilling prophecy. How can I convince her otherwise? (She is a Gemini with Leo ascendant, Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in the third house.)

Dear JG,
You could try not looking at your horoscope in advance and then, later, inviting her to decide whether what happened matched the astrological influence. But, really, it's never a good idea to convince your partner of anything. Why not just respectfully agree to differ?

THURSDAY October 5
Earth passes through zodiac signs email

Dear Jonathan,
The Earth passes through zodiac signs just as the Moon and Sun do. So wouldn't the sign that WE are in affect us the most? How can we find out which this is?

Dear Leanne,
Actually, the Sun doesn't pass through the signs. It stays still while we move around it. The Sun's seemingly changing position tells us where we are in our journey round the cosmic racetrack. Other planets are on that track too. If they were populated by aliens with telescopes, their view of where we were would depend on where they were!

FRIDAY October 6
Eris predictions email

Hi Jonathan,
Now astrologers have Eris to put in their charts, will predictions be made based on what they think she symbolises? Will they recalculate horoscopes of past events, this time including Eris, to see what effect she had and then use that information to figure out how to interpret Eris in future? Or does a planet have to be discovered before it can exert an influence?

Dear Bob,
The answers, in order, are; Yes, soon. Yes, we're doing that now. And, therefore, strictly speaking, no. But prior to discovery, a planet's influence is like an intermittent laser beam. Once it has revealed itself, it acts more like a permanent spotlight

SATURDAY October 7
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY October 8
Eris and global conflict comment

Your Week Ahead:

There were many gods in the legends of ancient times. A few had planets named after them. Most, though, had no cosmic counterpart. Gradually, over the last few hundred years, as more moons, asteroids and planets have been discovered, they have been named after the personalities in that pantheon. The latest heavenly body to reveal itself at the edge of our solar system is called Eris, after the traditional goddess of discord. Her arrival symbolises an end to the time when humans fell out without fully understanding why. Soon, we'll all become much more aware of the reasons why individuals and countries clash. This may yet help dramatically reduce global conflict.


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