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October 9th to 15th October 2006

MONDAY October 9
Earth passes through zodiac signs - Part 2

Last week, I oversimplified an astronomical explanation. I said the Sun 'stays still while we move around it'. The Sun, though, is also in orbit. It travels slowly around a point called the Galactic Centre. If you equate this with a position in the zodiac, you currently get 26 degrees, 53 minutes of Sagittarius. Intriguingly, for the first time in centuries, Pluto reaches this degree on December 29. It does it again in July, 2007 and once more in October. Some people believe these could herald moments when we finally make contact with beings from other worlds!

TUESDAY October 10
Cosmic trigger on October 17 email

I got a fascinating email recently. Here's a brief excerpt. Apparently, 'A cosmic trigger event is occurring on October 17, one of many between now and 2013. An ultraviolet pulse beam radiating from higher dimensions will cross paths with Earth for 17 hours; resonating with the heart chakra. Every thought and emotion will be amplified one million-fold, so all earth inhabitants are advised to think positive thoughts.' October 17, I must stress, is not an especially significant astrological date and, as the email wasn't signed, I can't be sure who it came from. Still, next Tuesday should be interesting!

WEDNESDAY October 11
Eris query emails

Hi Jonathan,
Eris is supposed to equal strife just as Mars is supposed to equal war. But I'm an Aries (ruled by Mars) and I hate war! Maybe Eris has positive potential.

If Eris is a planet of discord, that's good. We DON'T need things to carry on as they are.

Dear Jonathan,
Which sign does Eris govern?

Dear Darren and Diane, I agree.
Dear Dijana. Your question may be short, but there's no short answer. Only time (plus a lot of observation and discussion) will tell us which, if any, sign Eris 'rules'.

THURSDAY October 12
Chris De Burgh, healer comment

The other day, singer Chris De Burgh bravely revealed he has a talent for healing. When I read this, I didn't find it at all surprising. I would have been more taken aback if he had denied any such ability. We are ALL born with such gifts, but most folk are more prone to ignore them than explore them. Musicians, artists and 'creative people', though, soon get used to 'strange forces' rushing through them - so they are less likely to feel intimidated. I predict many more people will learn to channel their healing energies over the next decade

FRIDAY October 13
Friday 13th comment

Last year, we had only one Friday the 13th. This year, we have already had one (in January) so this is our second. There will be two next year as well. Statistically, the 13th is slightly more likely to fall on a Friday than on any other day but according to some statisticians, it is LESS likely to be a day of accident... perhaps because the date makes people more inclined to be careful. By the way, in Greece and much of the Spanish speaking world, Friday the 13th bothers nobody - but Tuesday the 13th gives folk the heebie-jeebies!

SATURDAY October 14
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY October 15
How can one forecast apply to millions email?

Your Week Ahead:

Dear Jonathan,
I am a Capricorn. There are millions of us from all walks of life. Some wealthy, some comfortable, some poor. How can one forecast apply to all?

Dear Mick,
When the sun shines in your neck of the woods, it shines on everyone equally. A millionaire's idea of a financial opportunity may seem different to a pauper's... but in essence our chances and challenges mean much the same. Think of your zodiac sign as your neighbourhood or your nation. Of course you are not living the same life as the folk who share that location. But certain key factors will often influence you all in a similar way.


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