Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 4th to 9th September 2006

MONDAY September 4
Dreams reflect big issues in our lives comment

Dear Jonathan,
I dreamed I was in a plane that wouldn't fly high. Then I read, in my forecast, something about how I could get an aircraft to take off if I tried! At the time, I was trying to get my writing career off the ground.

Dear Sue,
I still don't know exactly what inspired me to use that exact phrase on that particular day but I'm glad it helped. I am often amazed by the way our dreams reflect the big issues in our lives. When we heed the symbolic images in our sleep, we can wake up to important insights.

TUESDAY September 5
Cosmic Ordering emails

Dear Jonathan,
I fear that placing a Cosmic Order on another's behalf may be well-intentioned but difficult. How can I be sure what someone else truly needs?

Dear Jonathan,
The world would be a different place if we all just 'Cosmic Ordered' the ability to be grateful for what we already have.

Dear Jonathan,
Someone said Cosmic Ordering is selfish. But if I use it to obtain a better paid job then, with less stress in my life, I could more easily spread love, joy and positive energy!

Dear Emily, Paula and Laura. I agree.

WEDNESDAY September 6
Partial lunar eclipse comment

Tomorrow evening brings a partial lunar eclipse. It will be impressive, partly because the Moon is due to look so large. It is currently close to 'perigee' which is a posh way of saying it is nearer to Earth than usual. It is also sitting low in the sky because we are at the 18.6 yearly peak of the 'lunar standstill' cycle. Low moons always look bigger than high ones. Cloud cover permitting, we'll see the Moon change colour as it rises around 8pm. I recommend planning an outing to somewhere with a good view of the Eastern horizon.
The eclipse is visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. The moment of greatest eclipse is 18.51 Universal Time (7.51pm in the UK; approx midnight, New Delhi; Sydney, 4.51am Friday).

THURSDAY September 7
Lunar eclipse Callanias comment

By the time you read this, I shall be on my way to the Isle of Lewis. I hope to watch tonight's Lunar Eclipse from the ancient stone circle of Callanais. Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible wherever you are in the UK, around 7.50pm tonight - a little earlier in the south, a little later in the north. (18.50 Universal Time; New Delhi, 12.20am, Friday; Sydney, 4.45am, Friday) This Full Moon, though, is one of the exceptionally low, 'Lunar Standstill', Moons that occur only every 18.6 years. As Callanais was built specifically to honour this deeply significant rhythm in the cosmic calendar, it seems appropriate for me to make a pilgrimage to a place that meant so much to my astrological predecessors. I'll let you know what I experience.

FRIDAY September 8
Lunar eclipse Callanias comment - Part 2

Full moons trigger tension, cause chaos and deliver drama. So I was ready for trouble on my way to Callanish on the north-west tip of Scotland yesterday. But I wanted to witness an eclipse during a rare 'lunar standstill' at the site where ancient astrologers created an observatory out of giant stone monoliths. First, my daughter got poorly, then I lost my laptop at the airport security scanner. Finally, a colleague missed his flight. Was it worth it? On Monday I'll tell you what I saw � psychically and physically.

SATURDAY September 9
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY September 10
Birthday Solar Return comment

Your Week Ahead:

Dear Jonathan,
My friend is an astrologer. Every year around her birthday she visits a different country, choosing a destination that avoids bad influences. Is this folly

Dear Margie,
On your birthday, the Sun 'returns' to the position it held on the day you were born. That's why we say "Many happy returns." Some astrologers believe you can predict your coming year by drawing a horoscope for the moment of your 'Solar Return'. By calculating this in advance for various locations, you can pick a place where the planetary alignments will affect you differently. I think there's a big flaw in this theory but it provides a nice excuse to go travelling.


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