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September 11th to 17th September 2006

MONDAY September 11
Ancient Stone Circle of Calanais

Last Thursday night, I went to the ancient stone circle of Calanais at the North West tip of Scotland. It was built thousands of years ago to mark and measure the season of Lunar Standstills that take place once every 18.6 years. As I stood and watched a beautiful Full Moon rising in eclipse, I saw a clear vision of the next 18.6 years. Despite some inevitable dramas, what lies ahead is prosperity, not poverty. reconciliation not conflict. Global Warming and Climate Change are big issues, of course, but Global Healing and Consciousness Change will eventually take care of them.

TUESDAY September 12
Scorpio / Pluto email

Hi Jonathan,
We Scorpios, generally, don't like calling attention to ourselves. We gather information, uncover secrets and don't allow too many people to know much about us. There's generally a disguise or barrier up somewhere between a Scorpio and the world. Most of us like it that way. So could this 'dwarf planet' label for Pluto just be a mask that gets people believing one thing about it while, almost without notice, Pluto gathers its energies, waiting for the right moment to unleash its power? Scorpio's ruler hiding behind a mask of 'insignificance' seems a perfect reflection of the Scorpio psyche to me.

WEDNESDAY September 13
Message from the Cosmos email?

I saw an ad for a training job. It seemed the solution I'd been looking for, despite requiring financial struggle. When I tried to prepare my CV, though, I met many obstacles. Corrupted disks, deleted files etc. Was the cosmos trying to dissuade me or merely testing my resolve? Regards,
RD (Cancerian)

Dear RD,
Now there's a question. Generally, when a thing that ought to be simple gets difficult, it's a sign to stop and think twice. Sometimes, though, when we do something difficult, it proves much more rewarding than the 'easier option' could ever have been.

THURSDAY September 14
When is it time to quit comment

Yesterday, a reader asked whether an unexpected difficulty was a test of their determination or a sign that they should change direction. After writing my answer I spent hours mulling it over. I had not given a definitive reply. I had simply sat on the fence. This, though, is an issue that arises, regularly, for us all. How DO we tell when it is time to quit? When SHOULD we leap a hurdle and when should we back away gracefully from it. If you reckon you know a foolproof formula and you'd care to share it, drop me line!

FRIDAY September 15
Astronomers have spoken

The astronomers have spoken. New discovery, dwarf planet UB313 must no longer be known as Xena. She is now to be known as Eris after the Greek goddess of Discord. Her moon is to be called Dysnomia after the goddess of lawlessness. Interestingly though, Xena the Warrior Princess was played by Lucy Lawless... and Discord was a character in the famous TV series. They can't quite seem to shake off that connection. So... is a planet of discord what the world needs right now? I'll say more, soon, about why it may not be such a bad thing.

SATURDAY September 16
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY September 17
How do you cancel a Cosmic Order email

Your Week Ahead:

Dear Jonathan,
I went on a course about Cosmic Ordering and the person who was running it put pressure on people to write down ten things they wanted. I wasn't expecting this and I wrote down some requests that I now regret. How I can cancel my order?

Dear Mary,
The cosmos is one step ahead of you. If, in your heart, you have decided that you no longer want what you asked it for, you have effectively cancelled your order already. And even if it has started to deliver? Then, either what it is delivering can be changed into something else - or you can 'send it back'!


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