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September 18th to 24th September 2006

MONDAY September 18
Astronomers have spoken - Part 2

The Astronomers have spoken. New discovery, dwarf planet UB313 must no longer be nicknamed Xena. She is now 'Eris', after the Greek goddess of Discord. Her moon is to be called 'Dysnomia', after the goddess of lawlessness. By strange coincidence, Xena, the Warrior Princess, was played on TV by Lucy Lawless and 'Discord' was one of the characters in the series. They just can't quite seem to shake off that connection. So... if Xena, sorry, I mean Eris, is now, officially, a celestial symbol of argument and disagreement, is her discovery an inauspicious omen? Tomorrow I'll address that question.

TUESDAY September 19
Eris, new planet and the Pope's speech

Can a planet suddenly take on a personality according to the name it has been given? If you don't believe in astrology, the answer is, 'Of course not. Don't be so silly'. But I am a student of mystical cosmology. I know how powerful celestial symbolism can be. Time after time, I have witnessed it at work. Last week, within 24 hours of each other, two historic events occurred. My astronomer colleagues decided that newly discovered 'dwarf planet' UB313 is now to be known as Eris, goddess of discord... and the Pope made his infamous speech at Regensburg University.

WEDNESDAY September 20
Darfur comment

Darfur is not a region rich in oil or gold. Its most precious resource is a population of humans. If these were birds or bears there would be an outcry against their imminent destruction. But why should we care about a few million people we have never met in a part of the world we do not know, especially when there is nothing we can do? Actually, the planets insist there IS a way to halt this most horrible holocaust. We can pay attention. We can make it matter. If we do, we may yet make a difference. For more on Darfur click here

THURSDAY September 21
Eris, new planet comment

Yesterday, we spoke about events in distant Darfur. Today, I want to turn to a not entirely unrelated topic: the newly discovered 'dwarf planet' Eris. She was the goddess of discord, daughter of Zeus and Hera, twin sister of Ares whose angrily thrown golden apple started the Trojan War. Famously she encouraged argument, aggravated grievance and intensified intolerance. An unspeakable genocide, worse than all previous international atrocities, might seem, to her, like an apt accompaniment to her return to the celestial stage, especially if she could keep us all too busy arguing about other matters to notice it happening.
For more on Darfur click here

FRIDAY September 22
Solstice comment

Does the "Sun" rise in the 'East'? Only twice-a-year. The -rest- of the time, Sunrise wanders along the horizon, creeping further north-east each day, then turning back on itself. A 'turning point' is called a solstice. We get two a year. The Winter solstice brings the shortest day, the Summer one, the longest day. The day when the Sun rises exactly east is called the 'Equinox' because it brings days and nights of equal length. The year's two equinoxes are natural times for rebalancing. That's why we feel an urge to clean in March and why, so many of us now feel such an urge to set our lives straight.

SATURDAY September 23
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY September 24
Dark of a 'blue moon' comment

Your Week Ahead:

Not only are we now in the 'dark of the moon', we are in the dark of a 'blue moon'. The Moon was new, yesterday, in Virgo. This happened so close to the end of that sign that, shortly after, it moved into Libra where it will reside for the rest of the weekend. But at the official moment of 'newness' it was in the same sector of the zodiac it occupied 28 days ago. This means a phenomenally magical weekend awaits. If you've got a wish, make it. If you are chewing over a cosmic order, place it. If you've got a problem, seek a solution. And expect the best.


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