Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 25th to 1st October 2006

MONDAY September 25
How can you be confident about the future email

Mr Cainer:
I am surprised you can be so confident about the future. War is spreading, poverty and hunger remain rife, the environment is deteriorating and too many world leaders seem to be shortsighted. How can you be so sure that all this will change?

Dear Nick,
Have you ever pulled out a fitted unit in your kitchen? Suddenly, everywhere you look you can see trapped, ingrained dirt. Actually, though, you're only seeing this because a clean up process is underway. The world only seems to be getting worse because we are finally recognising what has been happening all along.

TUESDAY September 26
Eris 'dwarf planet' comment

More today, about the 'dwarf planet' Eris - named after the heavenly goddess of discord - previously known as Xena or UB313. The very fact that her name has changed three times already suggests she's mischievous, as does the fact that her discovery caused an immediate row between astronomers. Plus, she was officially renamed Eris within hours of the Pope making a deeply controversial speech. We can't assume that she counts for less because she is a 'dwarf planet'. Pluto is now a 'dwarf' too but there's no denying the power of his influence. There is, though, a possible upside to this... as I'll explain tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY September 27
Eris, goddess of discord comment

Astronomers have named the newly-discovered 'dwarf planet', Eris, after a Greek goddess of discord who started the Trojan war. According to the ancient, mystic rules of our art, astrologers are now obliged to interpret this symbol without further question. So, why a goddess of discord? There's nothing new about argument. And it's hard to imagine how the world can get any more full of disagreement than it already is. That's why I suspect Eris has positive potential. We may all be about to start finally learning what truly causes rows and wars... and how they can be avoided.

THURSDAY September 28
What Influences would be attributed to Planet Earth?

In astrology, the other planets in our solar system are attributed with disparate individual energies that are said to influence events here on Earth. If there were astrologers on these other planets, what influence do you think they would attribute to the small blue planet on which we live?

Dear Dina,
Probably, in the symbolic language of the sky, Earth would do a straight swap with the 'other planet'. Martians, for example, would see us as their planet of War while Venusians would see us as their planet of love. That's my guess. Anyone got another suggestion?

FRIDAY September 29
Eris, goddess of discord comment - Part 2

People love to argue. They also love to dream of a time when they won't be arguing any more. It's debatable which they love most! Though the new 'dwarf planet' Eris is a goddess of discord, not war, she represents small squabbles than can spark big battles; regrets that can become resentments, minor irritants than can turn into violent allergies. By emerging from celestial shadow, Eris is inviting us to recognise her attributes within ourselves. Where, in you and me, is there a dark resentment, fervently feeding a feud? Once we can see this, we can start to heal it!

SATURDAY September 30
Jonathan on Australian TV

Jonathan is in Australia to talk about his best-selling new book, Cosmic Ordering. Australian readers can see him on Monday on Sunrise (Channel 7) at 7.40am, and later, at 9am, on Mornings With Kerri-Anne (Channel 9). On Tuesday, Jonathan will appear on 9am With David And Kim (Network Ten).

SUNDAY October 1
Life's obstacles comment

Your Week Ahead:

Here are some more responses from readers taking part in the fascinating discussion about life's obstacles. When should you back away from a hurdle and when should you try to leap over it? Tabitha writes, 'If something tries to stop me three times, I give it a rest.' Barbara says, 'I tell myself it's a bad idea, then I listen to my heart. If it agrees, I stop. If not, I keep on.' Kathy has a 'traffic light technique' She says: 'Red and Green lights are easy. Yellow lights want you to wait.' And Leon says, 'I think it's only time to quit when you have tried everything possible.'


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