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March 9 2009 to March 15 2009

Monday March 9
Bee, Whale, Be Happy

Hi Jonathan,
Since you wrote about the strange, recent behaviour of whales and dolphins. I have been wondering about disappearing bees. Could the mobile phone network be harming them?

Dear Christine,
Many people suspect a connection. Colony Collapse Disorder was first reported in 2006, which was also when a northern bottlenose whale died in London's River Thames, almost as if trying to contact Parliament. Our world is now changing so fast that even humans have trouble keeping up. Maybe, if we tried harder to care about our fellow passengers on Spaceship Earth, all our journeys might become more comfortable.

Tuesday March 10
Full Moon in Virgo

We are about to enjoy a full moon in Virgo. Saturn is in Virgo too at the moment, very near the Full Moon. And Saturn, of course, is still opposing Uranus... which is in Pisces, as is the Sun. We've got a brief, powerful double opposition going on. This is yet more proof, if proof were needed, that the change we've all seen lately, is far from over. It is also a suggestion that hope and new growth may yet be conjured up - from the very same thin air that chaos and collapse have recently sprung from.

Wednesday March 11
Is there intelligent life on Zarg?

Elephants have recently been seen using their trunks to skim off fresh water from the mud at a stagnant water hole. A Chimpanzee in a Swedish zoo has been found calmly collecting stones before later throwing them at visitors. Humans, meanwhile, seem to be getting less clever. They still have no idea what's causing the collapse of bee colonies worldwide... or why whales keep beaching themselves in Tasmania. But we have just managed to launch a space ship designed to seek out other worlds that may house intelligent life. I wonder if we'll recognise it when we find it?

Thursday March 12
Jump for Joy!

Even in terrible situations, there are moments when trouble, temporarily recedes; moments when we can still enjoy life's small pleasures. A warm greeting. A lighthearted exchange. A kind gesture. Briefly, at least, we forget the fear, frustration or fury that's casting a shadow. We feel joy, peace, inspiration. These are the feelings we came to this earth to experience. The reason we put up with all the rest. They can't be bought, sold or stolen. Despite the downturn, such experiences are still being had by millions across the world. The upturn will come when we recognise their true value!

Friday March 13
I Should Be So Lucky

Today is Friday the 13th. Does that make it unlucky? Some say we cannot count ourselves lucky to be living through a downturn. But at least we are living. The odds of a planet supporting life, anywhere in this universe, remain tiny. Nor are we simply 'alive'. We are sentient. We actually know we exist. That's a blessing most rare. None of this stops us from allowing ourselves to get so wrapped up in passing problems that we no longer remember how fortunate we are. But, even in tough times, an experience of true luck is never far away.

Saturday March 14
Your Week Ahead

We are approaching the equinox, a deeply powerful time. The ancient Mayan civilisation knew this. They built special pyramids that would catch the sunlight in a particular way, only on the day when there was an equal amount of darkness and light. At the appointed hour, a serpent would appear on the steps of the great edifice - a sign of heaven's power coming to earth! As we now see nights and days of equal length, let us stop to remember that a healthy balance of light and dark is essential in every life! We've had a bit too much shade and shadow lately. It's time for hearts and hopes to start shining.

Sunday March 15
Celebrity Sunday

Dear Jonathan,
I noticed every Sunday that you do a segment about celebrities. I was wondering if you can give some insight into the recent controversial career move of Joaquin Phoenix from prolific actor to mediocre rapper. There are a number of theories about him here in the states...some think he's doing it for a documentary, some think he's mentally ill, and others think he really wants to be a rapper. Is this a complete hoax or is he really serious?

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