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March 30 2009 to April 5 2009

Monday March 30
Change for a Change

The last time we came under the influence of an opposition between Saturn and Uranus was in the early Sixties when many began to rebel against conventional values. There's now a similar pressure for change, not just amongst the young but from many who feel cheated by an international obsession with market forces. Some say that 'high financiers' have a duty to focus, not just on making money but on making a constructive contribution towards the wellbeing of the wider world. They speak of conscious, caring or compassionate capitalism. The heavens clearly describe a growing appetite for such a shift.

Tuesday March 31
Triple Bottom Line

Dear Jonathan,
I note your comments about 'compassionate capitalism', and on the obsession of governments with 'market forces. To be fair, the 'fault' lies with all of us for letting them play this illogical game. If you think it's ridiculous, if I think the same, and if others agree, this shift really can happen. Maria

Hi Jonathan,
I am doing a business degree. We are taught to consider the triple bottom line; financial, social and environmental. It has been drummed into us. I can assure you this is how I and my fellow future business leaders see our responsibility. Murray

Wednesday April 1
Realistic Reality

I've been writing, recently, about 'compassionate capitalism'. Some readers have suggested that this term is an oxymoron. The two words cancel each other out. Together, they mean as much (or as little) as 'controlled chaos' or 'open secret'. It has also been pointed out that, as many world leaders are now using such language, it is hardly brave of me to predict the emergence of the idea. Astrologically, though, what's exciting is not that the phrase is entering the language - but the fact Saturn and Uranus, through their rare opposition, could actually help us to make it a reality.

Thursday April 2

Oooh Jonathan, you do pick your topics. In a recent Taurus forecast you suggested that generally when people don't feel happy it's because they don't want to. Philosophical arguments aside, what about those who suffer from psychiatric illness? Are you suggesting it's their choice? Or fault?

Dear Kristen,
Whoops! Sometimes, when writing predictions, I use the second or third person plural to describe tendencies common to most of humanity. It helps me make tricky points without sounding too accusatory. Or at least, that's the theory. In this case, I clearly created an unfortunate implication. I retract and apologise.

Friday April 3
Onions and opinions

Hello Jonathan,
What's reincarnation in your opinion?

Dear Sharon,
An opinion is an onion containing 'pi'. Pi is an 'irrational' and 'transcendental' number that describes the ratio of a circle to its diameter. Though we think of time as a line, it's probably an endless circle. Pi suggests that circle. The onion suggests the many layers of shared perception that connect us all. We see ourselves as separate but what lies at the heart of my being lies at the heart of yours too. If all our hearts are one heart, aren't all our lives just one life?

Saturday April 4

Think, please, of Saturn and Uranus at opposite sides of the sky. As one rises in the East, the other sinks in the West They've been in this condition for several months now and will stay aligned like that for another year. Now imagine, if you will, a length of wire, connected between these two planets, turning them, if you like, into the top and bottom of some giant astral violin. Every so often, other planets cross that wire, effectively 'plucking it' so that the world hears the vibration. This month, Mars and Pluto play the heavenly tune. Their song is about freedom from fear. Let's hope we can all join in!

Sunday April 5
Celebrity Sunday

Is Lindsay Lohan's career in the balance? Her latest movie, Labor Pains, has gone straight to DVD, following a series of other flops. This week, Jonathan takes a closer look at her future.

Lindsay Lohan, like all Cancerians, hides the soft, vulnerable side of herself beneath a tough outer shell. She knows how to put on an act, better than she knows how to be herself. Her birth chart is full of such contradiction. As a Cancerian, home and family mean a lot to her, but she has had a difficult upbringing. Read the rest of this article...

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