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April 13 2009 to April 19 2009

Monday April 13
From the East to Easter

Easter eggs stem from a belief, long upheld by our ancestors, that the well-being of the world was in the hands of a goddess who some called Ostara and others knew as Eastre or Eostre. They sought her blessing to ensure the land would help them produce wealth... and that the weather would be mild. In their own way, they were as worried about economic downturn and climate change as we are! I've been in the Himalayas these last few days, exploring other ancient beliefs. Soon I'll say more about what the past can reveal about our future!

Tuesday April 14
Apocalypse Never

It is strangely comforting to realise that our ancestors were as worried about climate change and economic downturn as we are. On my travels, I've been musing on the rhythms and trends that play out on Earth, reflected in the cycles of planets in the sky. Despite the worries that now dominate our lives, I feel more inclined than ever to predict a long-term future that's less of an apocalypse, more of an apotheosis. We have already begun to develop god-like powers. We may finally be approaching an era where such gifts are guided by more enlightened understanding.

Wednesday April 15
Your Four Cats for Today

Dear Jonathan,
Yesterday, you said you foresaw an apotheosis, not an apocalypse. But the word apocalypse means 'uncover, reveal, disclose, unveil'. Surely that describes people everywhere starting to deepen their vision of what life is all about. So perhaps you do foresee an apocalypse after all.

Dear Steve,
Perhaps. But the word also conjures a Biblical image of four hooded horsemen overseeing a grim and grizzly end to the world. I've looked carefully at the long-term astrological outlook. I see no horses, no hoods and no times any harder than those that the world has already faced.

Thursday April 16
Sunrise, Sunset

Last Wednesday, at dawn, a special celebration took place in synagogues around the world. It was held to commemorate what, according to Judaic tradition, was the world's first sunrise. This is said to have happened 5,769 years ago... on the fourth 'day' of creation. The ceremony of Birchat HaChama; the "blessing of the sun", takes place once every 28 years. It was last held in April 1981. It's due next in April 2037. Interestingly, though Judiasm is big on predictions and visions, many involving an 'end of the world', followers of this religion see no great significance in 2012.

I have also taken a look at internet singing phenomenon Susan Boyle's horoscope.

Friday April 17
No Win No Fee Situation

Hi Jonathan,
Three astrologers have recently written to me saying they can help me win massive sums. Apparently, I have a chance to lead a life of serenity... but must send them money or I'll miss my opportunity. Your thoughts?

Dear Malcolm,
It's one thing for an astrologer to stress the potential benefit of a horoscope reading, another to imply dark consequences if you don't accept. And if anyone, ever, says they can make you rich as long as you pay them first, ask why, if they're so sure, don't they offer a 'no win, no fee' arrangement?

I have also taken a look at internet singing phenomenon Susan Boyle's horoscope.

Saturday April 18
Your Week Ahead

Venus, this week, begins to move forward through the sky again. Though she's no longer visible as an evening star, if you have a very late night or an early morning towards the end of the week, you may catch her just before dawn in the East. It's also possible to see Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. You'll have to watch pretty carefully to see Venus changing position or direction... but the fact that this is happening can be construed as encouraging for all with creative agendas to fulfil, troths to plight or charm offensives to launch!

I have also taken a look at internet singing phenomenon Susan Boyle's horoscope.

Sunday April 19
Celebrity Sunday

Susan Boyle was born on April Fool's day, 1961. This April, she has proved to the world that she's no fool.

Her horoscope contains a full Moon in Libra, Mars square the Sun and Venus square to Saturn. These alignments speak of a challenging childhood. But those who struggle long enough usually, eventually, succeed.

Susan, interestingly, has an 'unaspected Uranus'. The planet of sudden change simply doesn't connect to any of the other planets in her horoscope. It is hard for folk with this placement to break out of their routines. But since she was born, slow-moving Uranus has crept half way round the zodiac. Her breakthrough has come just as it finally opposes its own birth position, aspecting' itself and unleashing her suppressed potential. Read the rest of this article...

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