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April 27 2009 to May 3 2009

Monday April 27
Reasons to be Cheerful

The year 2012 is not just when the Mayan long count calendar 'ends'. It's also when the 11-year sun spot cycle is due to 'peak'. Or rather, was due to. An unexpected low in solar activity is now triggering talk of a mini-ice age. Meanwhile, a swine flu outbreak in Mexico is worrying the World Health Organization, which is contemplating whether to declare a global emergency. The recession would be minor by comparison. Those who relish doom and gloom should make the most of the current climate. May's triple conjunction will yet bring reasons to feel far more inspired.

Over the weekend, the legendary writer and researcher, John Michell, left his physical form and returned to the realm that he occupied back in 1933, prior to his arrival on this Earth. Read more about John Michel here.

Tuesday April 28
Rioja round the Clock

We've heard news lately about the lunar, biodynamic calendar that apparently guides the wine tasters of Tescos. Bottles from the same batch, they claim, affect the palate differently on different days. Though Rudolf Steiner, who pioneered this in the 1920s, was a visionary, he never foresaw his system being put to such a use. My friends in the Steiner movement tell me the trouble with biodynamic gardening is that it can involve getting up in the small hours to dig and plant. Even they think it unlikely that anyone will ever set their alarm for a glass of Rioja!

Wednesday April 29
How Long is a Piece of String Theory?

Hi Jonathan,
A psychic told me that something would either happen in three months or three 'cosmics'. Unfortunately I didn't ask how long a cosmic was. Can you help? Lesley

Dear Lesley,
Though I keep my ear to the ground while I keep my eye on the sky, I have never heard this term. Perhaps a 'cosmic' is a bit longer than a piece of string and shorter than the gap between 'then' and 'now'. Or maybe the 'cosmic' in question was a Cosmic Year.. but, as that's about 65 million earth years, you'd be in for a long wait.

Thursday April 30
Rulers Ruled

Astrologers say we aren't absolutely ruled by our stars and can exercise choice. But what about world leaders? Surely, as public figures, they must be more tied to the 'grand plan' And what about people whose views are skewed by tradition or dogma? Do they have less choice too? Plus, if there is a 'grand plan' how can anyone deviate from it? Tony

Dear Tony,
All our views are shaped by tradition or dogma. But I reckon the 'grand plan' allows for any of us, at any time, to transcend our limited perspective and be guided by wiser thoughts.

Friday May 1
Influenza Influence

Swine Flu will spread further but will it prove more serious than any other flu? No astrologer has predicted this. Several, though, have opined that it all 'fits' the influence of May's rare heavenly alignment. The very word 'influenza' stems from a time when inauspicious planets were often blamed for illness. But the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron is NOT inauspicious. It speaks of inspiration and revelation. This threat of a pandemic simply demonstrates how equally vulnerable we all are. It may yet motivate nations to co-operate in tackling other potential threats to our future global wellbeing.

Saturday May 2
Your Monthly prediction

The world may not be in such great shape, but the sky is looking pretty good this month. Venus and Mars follow each other closely through Aries while Jupiter and Neptune meet up in Aquarius. That's not so much auspicious as delicious. It suggests new hope, inspiration, excitement and energy. If you seek love, passion, creative fulfilment or artistic rapture... you've come to the right part of the 21st century. And though we've all still got more of this financial roller coaster to ride, for a surprisingly large number of people, events in May will bring reassurance and a greater sense of security.

Sunday May 3
Celebrity Sunday

Destiny Hope Cyrus is a Sagittarian, born November 23, 1992. Her parents gave her this name to reflect their faith in her future. She was so friendly, they nicknamed her Smiley, shortened this to Miley... and then... she became Hannah Montana. Her Virgo Dad, Billy, plays her Dad in the show. How 'nice'. Let's hope his Achy Breaky Heart is mended now because Billy's star has been all but eclipsed by his daughter. Ah, but what IS her 'Destiny'? Will all this early fame send her off the rails? Read the rest of this article...

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