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June 1 2009 to June 7 2009

Monday June 1
Cold Feet

By the time you read this, I will have completed my firewalk. Tomorrow, in this space, I'll let you know how it went. Meanwhile, your daily forecasts have been prepared by the world-renowned astrologer, Yasmin Boland. She'll be sitting in for me tomorrow and on Wednesday too. I have the highest regard for her work and I'm sure I'm leaving you in capable hands. And, though I won't return to writing daily forecasts till Thursday, you can still hear me give you your spoken prediction for the week ahead .

Tuesday June 2
All Fired Up

I promised you a report on that firewalk. I did it! Plus the intense, three-hour 'group empowerment session' that preceded it. Without that, I could not have let my bare feet go anywhere near those red hot embers. It was deeply exhilarating and even though my feet stung a little afterwards, I've got no marks or pains. Now, I'm just wondering, if that's possible, what other amazing things might we all manage to achieve? Your forecasts today are by my highly respected colleague, Yasmin Boland. I'll pick up my pen again in time for Thursday. Meanwhile, don't forget, if you want to hear what I have to say about you and your current situation, you can listen to spoken prediction.

Wednesday June 3
Burning Questions

Before I say any more about that firewalk, I must thank Yasmin Boland for sitting in for me here. Well, when I say 'must', what I mean is 'want to'. One of the issues I've been exploring, during my brief break, is that whole business of 'should' and 'must'. The triple conjunction extends an invitation to us all, to stop looking so closely at what we have to do and focus instead on what we really want to do. Somehow, as I stared at those glowing embers I was about to walk over barefoot, I understood that deeply!

Thursday June 4
Tremendous Feat

I'm back. Thanks, once again, to Yasmin Boland for standing in for me. There was a moment, half way across that fire pit, when I thought I'd need her longer. My third barefoot step across those red hot embers sent a shock of heat and pain to my brain. Whilst the others eagerly went round again, I stood aside. After a while, I decided I hadn't been fully 'in the zone." I thought about the real meaning of the rare triple conjunction .. and had another go. The second time was painless and joyous. Next morning, my feet were fine.

Friday June 5
Burn Free

Ever since my recent firewalk, I have had a spring in my step! I'm more keen than ever to explain how the 'triple conjunction' represents a real opportunity for anyone who hopes to change their life for the better. Other astrologers have said that this weekend may be difficult, due to sharp alignments from Saturn to the Sun and Venus. They may be right, but it is no more than a passing cloud. The overall outlook remains most inviting. I have taken all facets of that planetary picture into account while recording the latest four- minute forecasts for the week ahead.

Saturday June 6
Your Week Ahead

Have you seen that amazing Moon? Keep an eye on it this week. It will still look gorgeous, even as it starts to wane. And if you're a night owl, (or an early bird) look east just before dawn. Venus and Mars are glowing brightly, just as the ancients saw them, thousands of years ago. No wonder they gave the sky such respect. To our ancestors, those moving messengers were the fingers of a cosmic hand, shaping the heavens according to a divine, benign plan. And really, we still ought to see them in the same way.

Sunday June 7
Celebrity Sunday

On the eve of the Solstice this year, Nicole Kidman will turn 42. Five days later, she celebrates three years of marriage to Keith Urban. Unlike her previous partner, Cancerian Tom Cruise, Keith is a Scorpio. Tom and Keith are, thus, surprisingly compatible with each other. I'm not sure that either make an ideal match for Gemini Nicole but then thespians are funny folk. Read the rest of this article...

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