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June 29 2009 to July 5 2009

Monday June 29
News from Glastonbury

I gave a talk at this world famous festival. It went down well. I can't quite remember, though, exactly what I said. It is, after all, Glastonbury, where dawn is an early night. A noon start time would equate, elsewhere, to being on stage at 6am! Still, though, some brave souls set their alarms... and together, we talked about the Mayan calendar, the triple conjunction, recession, religion, time travel... plus the difference between sidereal and tropical astrology. Round the field, I most enjoyed Crosby Stills and Nash, Lady Gaga - and my favourite by far, legendary writer of all those wonderful Kinks hits, Ray Davies.

Tuesday June 30
The Heart of the Matter

This is not a hoax. My heart is on the right side of my body. Does this change me in any way astrologically?

Dear Peter,
Although dextrocardia is relatively rare, quite a lot of people are born with unusual physical attributes. Their conditions may well show up in their birth charts, but they don't need to read their daily prediction in a different way - nor should they feel that their relationship with the cosmos is somehow affected. Every single person on this earth is unique in some way. That's what ultimately makes us all the same!

Wednesday July 1
He's Out of His Life

The more I think about Michael Jackson, the more I feel he has been set free. Ever since childhood he was trapped by his fame and wealth. I met him once, briefly, but found him hard to 'read'. He was a Virgo, though. Virgos can be indomitably inscrutable. Fittingly for such a mysterious figure, he also had Moon in Pisces. Astrologers never look for signs of death. I don't know what was happening to his horoscope last weekend. But I do hope that now he has moved on, we can move on too... and remember him for his talent. Read more here

Thursday July 2
Human Nature

Dear Jonathan, Wasn't Michael Jackson born under a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. Isn't one of these happening now? Steve.

Dear Jonathan,
After crying myself to sleep when Michael died,I dreamed I was walking along the sea front where I grew up. Behind me, a ship slid into the water. Ahead, a glowing white heron flew slowly across the moon. Was that his spirit departing? Anne

Dear Jonathan,
Michael Jackson could have been 'reborn' at the O2. Instead, he chose to die. What do you think? Denise

Dear Steve
Yes. Dear Anne, Maybe. Dear Denise. I don't think he 'chose' to die. Jonathan

Friday July 3
Collider Scoop

Hi Jonathan, After your talk at Glastonbury, I had to rush off to give some money to my teenage son. But I wanted to ask if you think the Hadron Collider is linked to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012? Julie

Dear Julie,
Once it gets switched on again in October, this experiment may require us all to rethink the 'rules' of time and space; partly because of what scientists learn and partly because of what gets 'stirred up' when those tiny particles start colliding. Rare planetary alignments suggest we must now prepare to change and evolve our ideas about what's possible. Whilst I don't think the Mayans foresaw the collider, I think they did anticipate such a time.
PS: After my talk, I had to rush off and do the very same thing!

Saturday July 4

This week brings a repeat of the great Jupiter Neptune conjunction that I've spoken about so much already this year. We'll see it happen yet again later in the year, and the planets in question will remain close enough to be continually blessing us with their influence for many months to come. They remain close, in the zodiac, to the asteroid Chiron, effectively forming a triple conjunction. Mars, meanwhile, forms a right angle with Jupiter and Neptune. That's a suggestion of tension, but it is also a sign that powerful positive change is on its way. Plus a stunning full Moon in Capricorn will soon light up our skies... and our lives.

Sunday July 5
Celebrity Sunday

It doesn't matter how rich you are... or how famous. There are some things money can't buy and success can't get you. "A normal life" for example. For someone who has grown up in the spotlight, that's an aspiration as enticing as it is elusive. Emma Watson, clearly, wants one. Read the rest of this article...

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