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July 6 2009 to July 12 2009

Monday July 6
Federer wins Wimbledon and
Head of UK MI6 Cover Blown on Facebook

Two Leos spent yesterday under pressure. Roger Federer, who turns 28 on August 8, has his Saturn return next year. That may bring him a change of pace. John Sawers, meanwhile, turns 59 on July 26. The next head of MI6 is also a keen tennis player, born on a day when the Moon moved from easygoing Libra to secretive Scorpio. I need his birthtime to confirm his Moonsign but this (if nothing else about him) is apparently a state secret! I suspect, though, that if it were Scorpio, he'd have noticed his wife's Facebook page a little sooner.

Tuesday July 7
Full Moonwalk

Depending on where you live, today's Full Moon is a Hay Moon, a Buck Moon, a Thunder Moon, a Mead Moon or, in India, a Guru Poornima. In Hindi tradition, under this moon, people perform "Puja"; a dedication to their spiritual teacher. Judging by letters I have received recently, many feel Michael Jackson was 'as good as a guru' to them. To them at least, his memorial service today, is a chance for one last Moonwalk. Where it can be seen this morning, the Full Moon, in 'penumbral eclipse', will change colour so sublty as to be almost unnoticeable.

Wednesday July 8
Received Wisdom

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent Leo forecast you asked, 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' implying this question could not be answered. But while a chicken, by definition, is born of an egg, it doesn't take a chicken to lay an egg. So I say, egg!

Hi Jonathan,

In a recent Virgo forecast, you mentioned the process of 'give and take'. After much thought, I came up with the phrase: 'give and receive'. The difference is subtle yet profound. There is NO permission in taking. There is permission in receiving.

Dear Paul and Grace,


Thursday July 9
Dog days

Dear Jon,
A week ago, at exactly 4.00pm, a stray dog walked into my house and sat down next to me. An hour later I got a call from my stepfather to tell me my mother had passed unexpectedly at that very moment. Is there any meaning to this? Wendy

Dear Wendy,
Perhaps not a 'symbolic meaning'. But many psychics have amazing tales to tell about dogs. Some can be extremely sensitive. Some have a sixth sense and, according to some reports, even have mediumship abilities! I think that dog simply tuned in to your sad loss.

Friday July 10
Made or Laid?

Dear Jonathan,
A chicken, by definition, is born of an egg. However, it doesn't take a chicken to lay an egg. Somewhere along the evolutionary chain a chicken forbear evolved. Whatever the separating mutations were, they would have first appeared in an egg. Obviously there's no record - but in principle the answer should be... egg. Yours in Leonine know-it-all superiority. Paul

Dear Paul,
I'd hate to launch a battle between the signs on this page - and, indeed, it may be another Leo who provides the counter-argument.. but I expect other readers have other views. I hereby invite these here!

Saturday July 11
Your Week Ahead

We are still under the exuberant influence of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction that culminated yesterday. It is rendered all the more potent by the fact that both these planets also align with the healing asteroid, Chiron. Though there are some sharp planetary influences for us all to contend with this week, not least the awkward configuration of Mars and Pluto, there's much more good than bad in the outlook for the world. Don't believe all the news you see and hear. Despite grim prognostications by so called experts, the world has a bright future.

Sunday July 12
Celebrity Sunday

Jupiter Neptune conjunctions only take place once every 13 years or so. There's one happening at the moment and it lasts until early 2010; forming part of a triple conjunction with Chiron. Since I started drawing attention to this rare celestial phenomenon, I have had many letters asking what children, born under this alignment, are likely to be like. One way to answer that is to look at people who entered the world under previous Jupiter Neptune conjunctions. Such as, for example, the alignment of 1971. Sacha Baron Cohen was born on October 13th of that year. Read the rest of this article...

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