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July 20 2009 to July 26 2009

Monday July 20
Points of View

People often ask if the Apollo 11 mission affected astrology. It certainly affected astrologers. The horoscope of an event is calculated from its date, time and place. We can draw a chart for anywhere on Earth but how do we recreate the view of the sky above the Sea of Tranquility? There'd be no moon in that picture and we'd have to interpret Earth as a symbolic object. Those first footsteps obliged us all to stop and see things differently. Viewed from Earth, that landing happened under a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. There's another of those in 2010.

Tuesday July 21
Read my Eclipse

Mysterious things happen during 'the Dark of the Moon'. Weird coincidences arise. Unexpected secrets come to light. This was, in the old days, a natural time for witches to stir their cauldrons. Even now, psychics report greater depth of vision. Tonight, though, the Moon will not be invisible everywhere. In some countries, where it's not night, but day, the Moon will pass directly in front of the Sun, creating the longest-lasting eclipse for the next 100 years. Wherever you are in the world, expect events in the next 24 hours or so to weave a potent, life-changing spell.

Wednesday July 22
Spaced Out

Earlier this week, a comet crashed into Jupiter, creating a hole the size of Earth. Only one person witnessed this; an amateur Australian astronomer called Anthony. He took some pictures and sent a message to Nasa. It's hard to decide what's more amazing. The fact that they confirmed his discovery, the fact it came as a surprise to them... or that they actually read and answer their emails! Though I'm reassured on the last point at least, I hope they're intending to keep a closer eye on the sky before they start sending people back up to the Moon!

I will be speaking at these forthcoming events....

Thursday July 23
Totally Awesome

Did you see that footage of the total solar eclipse? I remain awestruck by the wonder and precision of this phenomenon. My gast is also flabbered by the unknown object that has just collided with Jupiter. While experts now think this comet or asteroid was not as big as Earth, this impact underlines the very practical way that Jupiter acts as a 'magnetic decoy' for space debris that might otherwise end up being attracted by our own gravity. Jupiter is clearly a 'protector'. Interestingly, it is currently forming a triple alignment that symbolises the power of the 'wounded healer'.

I will be speaking at these forthcoming events....

Friday July 24
Messenger Pigeon

Dear Jonathan, You recently published a letter from a woman who found a dog in her kitchen, staring at her, and later learned a relative had died at that moment. My mother was in our kitchen when a pigeon flew in and perched opposite her. Within the hour, my grandfather passed away. My mother knew of others who had been 'visited' by animals just before, or after, a loved one's death. Mel

Dear Mel,
I'm sure these stories about psychic creatures are true. But I don't think we should worry each time an unfamiliar animal takes an interest in us.

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Saturday July 25
Your Week Ahead

By the time you read this, I'll be at the Womad Festival in Wiltshire, UK, enjoying obscure, exotic music from around the world. Normally, at such events, I give a talk - but this weekend is, I reckon, the wrong time for that. Mercury, the communication planet, is forming an opposition to the triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron. 'Oppositions', as my old astrology teacher used to say, 'Take stored-up, potential energy that's been waiting for an outlet... and allow it to get released.' That makes it a better time for listening and thinking than speaking. If you're tempted to make a big statement soon, you may want to hold yourself back for the same reasons!

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Sunday July 26
Celebrity Sunday

At the end of the day, David Beckham doesn't just talk like a footballer, he has a classic goal-orientated horoscope. Like all Taureans, he's disciplined, dedicated and determined. Yet he's not totally typical of his sign. Mars, in his birth chart, rules competitive sport. In sharp alignment to Uranus, It describes both his great ability to work magic... and his tendency, once in a while, to shoot himself in the foot. Read the rest of this article...

Over the next few weeks, I will be speaking at these events....

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