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August 3 2009 to August 9 2009

Monday August 3
Stress Marks the Spot

First, Jupiter got a scar. Then Venus came out in a spot. Scientists think Jupiter suffered a collision with an asteroid while a volcano has erupted on Venus. To an astrologer, the question is not 'what has caused this?', but 'what does it mean?' Venus and Jupiter are 'benefic' planets, symbolising love and luck. The new features on these planets are either ominous warnings or indications that despite the state of our world, the planets are still striving to emanate a positive influence. They are, indeed, working so hard, they have developed stress marks! I'm backing that second interpretation!

Tuesday August 4
Cool to be Kind

Dear Jonathan, I keep hearing people say, 'What goes around, comes around.' What do you think of this? Is it true? Gill

Dear Gill, In nearly thirty years as an astrologer, this is the first time I've ever been asked! In my experience, though, it's definitely true. Indeed, it's the main reason why I often advise people not to worry when they feel they've been poorly treated... and to show kindness, understanding and patience when dealing with difficult situations. We get back what we give out. Sometimes, admittedly, it takes a long time... but sometimes too, it's almost instant!

Wednesday August 5
Self Service

Hi Jonathan, For years I've been reading your predictions and wondering; do you read your own forecast? Anthony

Dear Anthony, I try not to think of myself when writing for my own sign. I have friends born around the same time of year. If I'm thinking 'does this fit anyone I know?' I consider them, never myself. I prepare the forecasts in advance and soon forget what I have written. Occasionally, if I'm having an 'interesting' day, I look to see what 'that Jonathan Cainer' has to say. Sometimes, he's spot on. Sometimes, I can't understand him at all!

Thursday August 6

When is an eclipse not an eclipse? When it is a penumbral eclipse. The Moon is full. The Earth's shadow has just passed across it. But where normally an eclipse is visible, at least from some parts of the world, an eclipse of this kind casts only the most subtle shadow. Opinions differ over what this means. Some say, 'If it can't be seen, it can't be felt!' Others argue that a delicate hint sometimes makes more impact than a dramatic development. If you're looking for a miracle today, look for a nuance that could make all the difference.

Friday August 7
It's Alright, Infact it's a Gas...

Over the past couple of weeks, Jupiter has developed a scar, Venus has come out in a spot and now Mars has released a large cloud of embarrassing gas. It is probably just as well that Mars is so far from Earth because right now our neighbouring planet is decidely whiffy. Methane is the kind of gas that er... living creatures release, every so often, from their digestive systems. The strange thing is, though, that according to the experts, there is no life on Mars. Maybe there's another explanation. Or perhaps someone up there is trying to tell us something.

I'll be giving a talk at The Big Chill, in Herefordshire, at 4pm on Sunday.

Saturday August 8
Your Week Ahead

Jupiter, this week, rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. You may, at first, mistake it for Venus - which is more usually to be seen in the early evening. Venus, though, is a morning vision now, rising a couple of hours after a midnight Mars. If you want to treat yourself to a long night of stargazing, borrow a telescope (or get a pair of binoculars and keep your hand steady) and, if you focus on Jupiter, you may be able to pick out four moons. And on Wednesday night, even with nothing but the naked eye, you can see the amazing shooting stars of the Perseid meteor shower.

Sunday August 9
Celebrity Sunday

To me. what's interesting about Dizzee Rascal is not who he is but who he is going to become. But then, I'm old enough to know how people change as years go by. Will he move into politics? Will he become an author? He's got the talent to do either. Or both. Read the rest of this article...

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