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August 24 2009 to August 30 2009

Monday August 24
Breath Taken Away At Burial Chamber

From Pontardawe, I made a pilgrimage to the Preseli Hills, where the landscape is scattered with the same dolerite boulders that form the inner circle at Stonehenge. In Wales, they make natural building blocks, as I saw at Pentre Ifan, an ancient, breathtaking burial chamber. Getting there involved a journey through the back-of-beyond to the middle-of-nowhere. Heaven knows how anyone got those giant rocks as far as Wiltshire. Maybe it's true that Merlin magicked them there. But I now know why the rocks are called bluestones. Carved and polished, they sparkle like a midnight sky.

Tuesday August 25
Shoulda Woulda Buddha

Hi Jonathan,
Further to your comments, the other day, about Heaven and Hell, I thought you might like to know that Buddhism describes Ten Life States, which are known as the Ten Worlds. They are: Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Tranquillity, Rapture, Learning, Realisation, Actions that benefit others, and Enlightenment. According to their teachings, these experiences are here on Earth and exist within us. The good news is that any of the ten worlds can lead you to any of the others. So even if you're in a state of Hell, the potential for enlightenment exists there too!
Cheers Meredith

Wednesday August 26
Stream of Consciousness

Dear Jonathan,
When I was in school, we good little children were taught that ancient beliefs were ridiculous. What civilised person could believe that a river was a goddess or the sky was a god? I now feel such attitudes cut us off from the natural world that we really belong to. Just as Greg Sams thinks the Sun could be a living, thinking being, Dr Maseru Emoto has performed experiments which show how water is alive and responsive to people's thoughts and intentions. Maybe we all just need to un-learn all we were taught way back when.

Thursday August 27
Hot Scot

Hi Jonathan, A friend and I enjoyed a great holiday in Scotland last winter. We visited several standing stone sites and cairns. I was interested to note that the stones felt warm despite the cold, blowy, rainy weather. Jen

Hello Jonathan, For many years I have called my cat by just thinking about calling her. She has become better and better at responding. She used to get very upset when I was away from home for more than a day, but now I just have to think about her and, when I come home, she is always much happier. Priscilla

Friday August 28

Dear Jonathan, It's interesting that the health care debate in America has come to the forefront during the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, which is about healing. Now Senator Ted Kennedy, one of the main advocates for universal health care, has died as the alignment wanes. Allison

Dear Alison, I lived in the USA once and know how scary it can be to fall ill where treatment is so expensive. But though the triple conjunction is briefly 'losing power' it regains strength later this year. Around the world, many crucial initiatives in the field of healing will yet succeed.

Saturday August 29
Your Month Ahead

If the sky is a giant movie screen, it's currently showing a thrilling drama. Two powerful double acts are taking it in turns to dominate the zodiac. Lately, we've been enjoying the benefit of Jupiter and Neptune in their health-giving, inspiration-awakening conjunction. Now it's time for Saturn and Uranus to resume their doom- mongering, worry-causing opposition once more. Expect to hear much, in the news and from the folk around you, about how it's all going terribly wrong. But don't take any of that too seriously. Jupiter and Neptune will be back soon enough to chase the blues away once more.

Sunday August 30
Celebrity Sunday

Stuart Broad was born June 24 1986. He's a Cancerian and, as of last week, a hero! In England, you've got to be keen on cricket to know (or care) about 'The Ashes'. To Australia, though, they aren't just any old old trophy. Read the rest of this article...

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