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December 28 2009 to January 3 2010

Monday December 28
Ten Years After

Welcome to the last week of a long, difficult decade. Will the next ten years be any easier? There are some who fear we will not reach the end of them. In my time as an astrologer, I have had to refute many prophecies about the end of the world. Once more, the doom-mongers are out in force, insisting that the end of the Mayan 'long count calendar' in 2012 will bring disaster to us all. Soon, though, I shall be offering forecasts for 2013, 14, 15... and long beyond. From which you can draw your own conclusions!

Tuesday December 29
No Room for Doom

If the doom-mongers are to be believed, we have less than two years till the end of the world. The end of the Mayan long count calendar on December 21, 2012, will, we are told, coincide with the earth tilting on its axis, an alignment with the centre of the galaxy, a new giant planet that appears from nowhere... a peak in the sun spot cycle, the emergence of an Antichrist, plus a series of disasters that make global thermonuclear war sound like a soft option! Personally, though, I'm expecting a surprisingly prosperous, peaceful, positive new decade!

Wednesday December 30
Invest in Mutual Trust

Why, when we find ourselves living through a time when 'anything could happen' do we assume this means 'anything, as long as its bad?' It is as if we have a perverse desire to hear news of doom and disaster... and feel disappointed by anything that speaks of hope, inspiration, positive progress and greater happiness. There are, of course, many wrongs that need to be put right - but surely the greatest wrong is our tendency to give more energy to anger and fear than to inspiration and mutual trust. It's this imbalance we'll gradually redress in the coming decade.

On Thursday 31 December 2009 between 7am and 8am Canberra time (UK time: Wed 30 December between 8pm and 9pm) I will be on a Radio 2CC Talking Canberra. Any Media Enquiries; TV, radio and press - click here.

Thursday December 31
Full On at Full Moon

On planes these days, passengers are warned that alcohol is more potent at high altitude. A similar message should be given out at Full Moon. And this is no ordinary Full Moon. It's the light that guides us all from 2009 to 2010. Even folk who normally just have a quiet evening will be trying a little harder to see in the next decade in style. I'll be somewhere in the audience at the Jools Holland Hootenanny show tonight (BBC2, 11pm). Let's just hope I don't get so far gone that I end up trying to predict the outcome of the election.

On New Year's Day at 8.40am UK time, I will be on a Radio 2 Breakfast show with Johnnie Walker. (Any Media Enquiries: TV, radio and press - click here).

Friday January 1
You Say You Want a Resolution...

I won't pretend that 2010 is going to be entirely easy. It holds some rare, tricky challenges. Soon, I'll say more about what these are, when they're due and how to steer safely through them. I'll also be making positive predictions about the whole decade. For now, though, a word about resolutions. Mars and Mercury are retrograde. The Moon is Full. It's not an ideal time to be fighting to instigate a major lifestyle change. Give it your best shot. It may just work. If not, don't be put off. This time of fresh opportunity has only just begun.

Saturday January 2
Your Month Ahead

January brings significant change in the sky. Jupiter will soon move from Aquarius, where it has been throughout 2009, into Pisces, where it will remain for most of 2010. That, all on its own, tells us plenty about the kind of year we can look forward to. Jupiter 'likes' being in Pisces. And Jupiter is a powerful planet. It governs growth, hope, justice, jollity, high aspiration and deep discovery. So can we possibly be heading for hard times? No way. Even though there are more tricky alignments later in the year involving Saturn and Uranus we've got more to look forward to than in many a moon. No matter what sign you are, things are slowly but surely on the up.

The first part of the Year Ahead predictions are now available.

You can listen again to my appearance on BBC Radio 2 with Johnnie Walker - it's at about 1 hour 39 minutes into the show. For media enquiries click here.

Sunday January 3
Week Ahead - Love Focus

The first part of the Year Ahead predictions are now available.

You can listen again to my appearance on BBC Radio 2 with Johnnie Walker. Forward to 1hr 39mins or enjoy the whole show. (Any Media Enquiries: TV, radio and press - click here).

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