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Your 2022 Horoscope
2022 General Horoscope | 2022 Luck and Money Horoscope
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We're on the cusp of a new epoch. In 2022 Jupiter (luck) and Neptune (inspiration) meet in an era-defining convergence that hasn't occurred in Pisces, their shared celestial home, for more than 150 years. Their union, in April, marks a time of healing and compassion, and points to growth and opportunity in a cycle that lasts until 2035. Now, as we gently begin to look towards a brighter future, gleams of possibility can inspire game-changing attitudes that herald a more promising future... for us, and our planet.

2021 was dominated by the lingering effects of Pluto's link with the Great Conjunction. The tug-of-war between restrictive Saturn, acting like an over-protective parent, and progressive Uranus encouraged tearaway behaviour. It's tempting to suggest that careering between lockdowns, and the growth of political division sprang from this celestial clash.

Relationships are high on 2022's agenda. The year begins with Venus in retrograde and ends with Mars retrograde. The cosmic lovers promise an adventurous journey during which we review our expectations and aspire to a greater understanding of the people we love and care for. Surprising collaborations are likely, both in our individual lives, and on the international stage.

In the first quarter of the year, Jupiter moves towards Neptune; these visionary twin rulers of Pisces dare us to dream again. We'll start to believe in ourselves and our ability to evolve beyond the constrictions we've faced. Though, with Saturn in Aquarius until 2023, the spectre of lockdown won't completely disappear.

Neptune is the God of the sea, so concerns about the climate - particularly oceans and storms, will weigh on our collective consciousness, encouraging a fresh approach towards realising a grand, global vision as we seek new ways to relate to our environment. In 2022 the challenges we face will become even more compelling. Our ability to harness the energy of the tides will be a new focal point as Jupiter enters Aries in May.

Until then, exuberant Jupiter, in its home sign, will be free to encourage growth. But unfettered expansion can lead to political overreach. Inflation, overcrowding and migration will dominate the news. Yet, tempered by Neptunian sensitivity, skilful ways can be found to deal with these challenges in a fair and caring way. The year ahead promises a reboot of our collective confidence and a welcome return to optimism.

Luck and Money

In April, Jupiter (growth, wealth and enjoyment) converges with Neptune (famous for being hard to contain and having few boundaries). So there's potential for excess and inflation, but also unimaginable opportunities. Jupiter and Mars' movements help the process of recovery, generating exciting visions of the future and bringing optimism and energy, while Venus and Mars' long convergence (early in the year) promises that whatever challenges we face, the experiences bring unexpected benefits and rewards.

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