Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

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Your 2020 Horoscope
Money Horoscope, Love Horoscope
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2020 kicks off the new decade with an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation event as Saturn (the great cosmic teacher) aligns perfectly in conjunction with Pluto (the hidden transformer). Occurring in mid-January, at the same time as the Sun and Mercury converge at the Lunar Eclipse, this is a Stellium (or planetary pile-up) that will change the world.

Conjunctions act like 'reset' buttons; they trigger new cycles. And this is only the first in a series of three major conjunctions involving the planetary heavyweights Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in 2020; each particularly affecting those in positions of power. Whether it's within governments, the financial sector, or the royals, we can expect sudden, fast changes that surprise us all. These conjunctions also represent the coming of an age in which we find smarter ways of living with one another and take more responsibility for our world. Rather than just chasing short-term gains and individual glories, this new dawn calls us to lay foundations for sustained progress.

In order to rise like the phoenix, we need to emerge vibrantly and victoriously from the ashes of 2019's challenges. January's Lunar Eclipse highlights this initial transformation. The Full Moon represents the completion of a cycle and reminds us that when we put past experiences into context, innovative, exciting ideas materialise. As Mercury (the cosmic messenger) allies with the Sun, crystal clear innovative ideas shine the way towards a more prosperous future.

Sparks will fly as revolutionary Uranus turns direct, just as the first major conjunction occurs. All the planets will be pulling in the same direction, enabling us to get things moving, so that we can start to build for the future. We'll need to crack on, because as the March Equinox approaches, it brings the next major Astrological event of the year.

As Saturn enters Aquarius around the Equinox it heralds a new technological wave. Even people who think a megabyte is a snack will need to get on board this roller coaster! It's a short-lived burst of energy which focuses on revelation and revolution. This is a time when creative thinking can lead to collaborative communication and scientific breakthroughs that will benefit the world.

Radiating like a beacon of hope, the rare Solar Eclipse at the June Solstice will be the celestial highlight of 2020. As well as shining a spotlight on some of the most conflict-affected parts of the globe, its energy passes like a beam across one of the world's most spiritual centers; the mysterious, magical kingdom of Tibet. This has the potential to unlock the wisdom and secrets of the ancients, releasing them like clues that will help us find better ways of living together in our world.

As we head towards the end of the year, Jupiter's arrival in Aquarius, where it conjuncts with Saturn at the Solstice, indicates that justice and order will prevail. 2020 focuses on us taking responsibility for our own lives. It's a wake up call to the innate strength, authority and incredible resilience that lie within. This era will be defined as one in which we take control of our own destinies as we realise our strength and power; and use them to transform the world into a kinder, more harmonious place.

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Your Money Horoscope
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2020 Money

Perhaps the biggest impact of the major alignments in 2020 involving Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (starting with a Stellium in January), will be on our pockets. Well, that's a bit old fashioned... after all who carries cash these days! Like it or not, we're living in a highly connected, global financial system; dependent on the fortunes of companies with whom we have little contact. As powerful astrological events paint a stormy financial picture, it's important to find ways to navigate the waters so that the strong winds don't send us off in the wrong directions. No one wants to crash.

Let's address the elephant in the room, or the piggy in the bank! The 'money' planets, (Jupiter and Pluto) meet three times in 2020. Jupiter last converged with Pluto in 2007, an event often seen as precipitating the financial crash. Pluto represents hidden riches and powerful secrets; sabotage, trickery and Machiavellian manoeuvres. Jupiter, the planet of philosophical and moral integrity, sometimes encourages over-indulgence and excesses we come to regret. A little like that piggy in the bank, it can easily be encouraged to sniff out the delicious truffles that Pluto has hidden for us; but it needs to be stopped before it gobbles them all up!

What does this mean for 2020? I doubt it will result in a financial meltdown. In 2007, these two planets met in adventurous Sagittarius; whereas in 2020, they meet in the more cautious (though no less ambitious) sign of Capricorn. Saturn, this sign's ruler, undergoes several once-in-a-generation events this year which hold the key to our financial wellbeing.

Saturn's January meeting with Pluto indicates responsible restructuring is needed to prepare for the long-term future. Short-term sacrifices may be required to ensure the necessary transformation takes place. When it comes to buried resources (both metaphorical and physical), this is a chance to to alter our troubled relationships with power sources. Saturn and Pluto's last meeting, in 1982, marked the end of a recession characterised by an oil crisis and rampant inflation. But it also began a difficult move away from some of the traditional industries. There are lessons to be be learned so that we avoid making similar mistakes this time around.

Saturn's conjunction with Jupiter, as the year draws to a close, indicates that forward-thinking efforts and hard work will be rewarded. Careful planning leads to sustainable growth; and through a serious of practical choices, we can successfully navigate around any tricky transitions. We're in the process of a great renewal; in which new ways of maintaining economies becomes a reality, and when old ways of working cease to be the reliable fallback position. 2020 heralds powerful transformation... one from which we can emerge wealthier, more successful, and more positive about the direction we're heading towards.

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Your Love Horoscope
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Although Saturn and Pluto aren't traditionally seen as relationship planets, their convergence at the start of the year means that they exert a powerful influence on affairs of the heart in 2020. Saturn is the planet of commitment and hard work; something which (at least according to my wife) is often called upon in successful long-term relationships! Pluto however, is often seen as a powerful planet that deals with the struggle for control - sometimes bringing about an ending so that a new phase can begin.

2020 will be a defined by the amount of control we have on where we're going and what we're trying to achieve. For many of us, the idea of having a successful, lasting relationship is bound up with our most important aspirations; sometimes we get tied up with the notion of 'success'. Yet, for a relationship to be successful it has to do more than 'exist'... it needs to share genuine emotions, so that the other person's happiness matters almost as much as our own.

I say 'almost', because we can't subjugate our feelings entirely for someone else. We have a duty to take care of ourselves, and the last thing we need is to waste powerful feelings of devotion on people who have no appreciation of the gift they're being offered.

2020 is a year for grown up thinking, and feeling. And for confronting the realities of our relationships. But it's also brings opportunities to take things to the next level. When we grow more secure within ourselves, we reach new depths of emotional maturity.

There's plenty of room for deep passion in all this! Jupiter and Pluto's connection speaks of the raw power of emotion. And with powerful Mars heavily involved in this astrological relationship, strong feelings will crescendo throughout the year - there will be times when we'll need to be a little wary of just how intense those feelings can get!

Saturn's change of signs reminds us of the importance of our friendships. Though sometimes not given as much status as romantic relationships, these bonds will serve us in good stead this year. They are the building blocks to having a healthy emotional outlook; instrumental in maintaining a sense of perspective while guiding us through the changes and fundamental shifts we need to make.

When it comes to matters of the heart, 2020 holds the promise of intense discovery, profound change, and life-defining realisations. Although the path won't be easy, it can lead to one of the most emotionally fulfilling journeys we ever undertake. If we honour our own hearts, take control of our wellbeing, and value compassion and care, 2020 brings a chance to love, in the way we've always wanted to love.

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