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Your 2023 Horoscope

2023 General Horoscope | 2023 Love Horoscope | 2023 Wellbeing Horoscope
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The March of Destiny:
Why 2023 leads us on The Road to Recovery.

In 2023 a powerful celestial procession takes place. In March, as Saturn (discipline) Pluto (transformation) and Mars (power) change signs, a triple energy shift changes the celestial picture, bringing an extraordinary chance to retake control of the future and set it onto a better, brighter path.

It's a time for embracing the new and the unknown. Over the last twelve months, we've been sailing turbulent seas. The March of Destiny calls us to take the wheel and right the ship. While there will be ups and downs, no matter how strong the winds blow recent, past challenges have given us the experience and skill to navigate safely towards a brighter destination.

Pluto, the mysterious planetoid lurking at the edge of our solar system, rarely changes signs. With an orbit of 248 years, it can spend generations in one place. So in March, as it begins the next two decades in Aquarius (which represents freedom and innovation) something fundamental starts to shift.

But it's not only Pluto that changes signs this spring (autumn in the southern hemisphere). Saturn begins the march forwards as it finishes its three-year stay in Aquarius. And Mars' long sojourn in Gemini also draws to a close. It's a remarkable time of transition and new opportunity. The power dynamic created by all three planets moving forwards and changing signs brings a breath of fresh air that enables us to reassess our priorities, and make innovative changes.

Social media and its effect on our social lives is one of the issues we'll have to deal with. Money will also be high on the agenda - with lucky Jupiter moving into earthy Taurus, we'll find new ways to expand our resources and share our assets. It's about having the vision to build on what makes us feel good - and what's better for our communities. If we concentrate on the most meaningful aspects of our lives the gains we make will be especially rewarding and have a wide-spread effect that makes us feel better connected to one another and the world.

It will involve making alliances (both personally and internationally) that we never thought possible, finding innovative ways to use technology in an effective way (rather than letting it control our lives) and embracing ideas that make a real, practical difference. The more pragmatic our approach, the greater the benefits.

Expect relationship changes in 2023. Although Pluto isn't a traditional partnership planet, the heart-shaped ice on its surface hints at the depths of emotions that lie within. It's time to confront and accept what we're scared to admit to feeling. And our relationships will take on different, more meaningful dimensions when what's inside us is living in the light.

The March of Destiny is only as powerful and positive as we make it. The last time Pluto changed signs (in 2008) the world experienced seismic economic shocks. And Saturn's last move coincided with pandemic lockdowns and unprecedented restrictions. This time, as they march forwards into new signs accompanied by dynamic Mars, they can lead us on the road to recovery. And while it will be a journey into the unknown, its potential to transform our lives and our world is vast. If we shed what's no longer appropriate, and focus on what brings us together in a sustaining, life enhancing way, we'll emerge stronger and more connected to one another. 2023 is going to be exciting, energising and, if we're prepared to make the effort to change, it promises solutions that affect the whole of humanity. Are you ready? Let's go!

Love in 2023

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Wellbeing in 2023

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