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July 9 2012 to July 15 2012

Monday July 9
Insight Stories

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for sharing your memory of the time you thought you saw a UFO. I think I once saw one too. There were no flashing lights. It was boring, round and a dullish red. Anyway, your admission helped me to feel not so bonkers! Ant

Dear Jonathan,
Perhaps folk who see UFOs are receiving spiritual attunements, rather than witnessing aliens. Did you feel you went up a level in your insights? David

Dear David,
The only 'insight' I recall around that time is that spiritual experiences are probably best not measured in terms of 'up' or 'down'!

Tuesday July 10
Lets Get Physical

Many scientists disapprove of astrology about as much as vegetarians dislike meat. So Peter Higgs won't thank me for saying he is a Gemini (born May 29, 1929). The confirmation of his 'Higgs boson' comes soon after the historic transit of Venus in Gemini and the first in a series of seven paradigm-shattering alignments between Pluto and Uranus. Uranus is the ancient god of the sky. Pluto rules a deep, hidden world. How will this timely development in physics change our lives? In a way that eventually makes the collapse and re-invention of global economics seem trivial!

Wednesday July 11
Thou Shalt Not Want

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent forecast, you advised me to consider 'what I don't want'. Haven't you heard? Concentrating on what you 'don't want' only brings more of the same. Instead we need to concentrate on what we 'do want. M

Dear M,
Well, yes, I have read The Secret too... but to get what we want we need to be sure that we aren't just striving for what we think we ought to want. When you aren't so sure about something, identifying what you don't want can be a good first step to knowing what you truly want.

Thursday July 12
iRetrograde Uranus

Last week, I described Pluto and Uranus as hands on an old-fashioned clock, forming angles to each other as they move at different speeds. But on a regular clock, the hands only go in one direction. Our view of the cosmic clock is skewed by the fact that Earth itself is moving. This causes planets to appear, sometimes, as if they are going backwards. We astrologers know this is an optical illusion but we read great meaning into it. Today, the planet Uranus begins a 'retrograde phase' that will appear to us, as if it is lasting till December.

Friday July 13
Regro Warning

Uranus has just commenced a retrograde phase. In retracing its recent path, it will eventually repeat the right angle it formed to Pluto in June. But Uranus moves slowly so that 'second square' won't be exact till mid September. Then, next year, when Uranus goes 'direct' again, it catches up with Pluto, forming another right angle... followed by a further retrograde phase and so on till we end up with seven right angles by 2015. Confused? I'll try to explain more soon. But I should warn you that this weekend, Mercury (the communication planet) also begins to go backwards!

Saturday July 14
Your Week Ahead

Mercury is about to begin one of its frequent phases of retrograde motion. Other astrologers suggest that plans should not be made and promises should never be made while the planet of communication is apparently reversing. I find it only ever the first 'stationary point' that coincides with delay and impediment in commerce, negotiation and transportation. We're there now, so whatever hasn't gone wrong already probably won't do! Far more exciting is the Dark of the Moon we enter later this week. That will bring mystical revelations to many... and open portals of possibility that once seemed forever barred!

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Sunday July 15
Sunday Love Forecasts

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