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December 30 2013 to January 5 2014

Monday December 30
You Say You Want a Resolution

In times gone by, new years began at the solstice... or the equinox. Or they were governed by the movements of the Moon. For a set of rather dull reasons we've now ended up with a New Year that occurs when there's no astrological impetus to support a sense of 'starting afresh'. Or at least, usually there isn't. But 2014 is an exception. We're entering the Dark of the Moon, a famously magical phase when people traditionally become more attuned to their inner wisdom. So resolutions made between now and January 1 stand a surprisingly good chance of sticking!

Tuesday December 31
Eve of Reconstruction

Tonight is no ordinary New Year's Eve and tomorrow is due to be no ordinary New Year's Day. We're already in the mystical Dark Of The Moon and the moment when the Sun and Moon will complete the conjunction we call 'New Moon' is due to be the very moment when most of us will be making our annual affirmations. That means we need to be careful. We're surprisingly likely to be able to keep to the resolutions we make this year.

Wednesday January 1

Happy New Year? The most appropriate answer to this question is another question. 'What kind of a year would you like?' Though there are many factors and forces that we cannot hope to control, It's amazing how much we have the power to influence. We definitely have more control than we realise over events in our own lives. It is rare for a New Year to begin under a New Moon, yet today that's the cosmic climate we're being blessed with. Think hard about the resolution you make for 2014. It may prove easier to keep than you expect! Now, here is your forecast for 2014.

Thursday January 2
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year? Actually, it just might turn out to be. The cosmic climate, in 2014, brings more of the kind of challenge that the world has recently had to rise to. We'll get two more in the set of seven squares from Uranus to Pluto, which began in 2012 and continue till March 2015. Under this influence, we've had to weather so many financial and political storms we're now almost taking them in our stride. This year, rather than continuing to blow governments and institutions off course, these alignments may send us a welcome wind of constructive change. Now, here is your forecast for 2014.

Friday January 3
Anything is Possible

Happy New Year! 2014 is still young enough for that phrase to be an appropriate greeting and, as I've tried to explain here over the last few days, this year it's neither a wish nor a question. It is simple a statement of intent! The cosmic climate is unusual now, as is the outlook for many months to come. If your heart is set on bringing about constructive change, breaking free from negative patterns and embracing a vision of hope... somehow the universe will support this endeavour. This very weekend, many of us will see inspiring indications of what's possible.

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Saturday January 4
Your Week Ahead

Can you remember back as far as New Year's Day? We were under the Dark of the Moon at the time so the promises that we all made to ourselves were exceptionally potent. If you're struggling to keep your resolution, fear not. Though this week's square between Mars and Jupiter represents the emergence of tricky temptations, there's every chance that you can still stay on your wagon if you want to. And if you're wondering if it is now too late to declare your intention to change something, it's not! The cosmic climate, from Wednesday onwards, will support you.

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Sunday January 5
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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