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March 3 2014 to March 9 2014

Monday March 3
Square Dance

Powerful planetary alignments are invariably accompanied by big dramas on the world stage. A series of seven intense, unusual right angles are now being formed between Uranus and Pluto. These slow-moving planets first came within striking distance of their 'square' back in 2008, when the credit crunch drew our attention. Ever since, the world has been in a state of ongoing, collective anxiety. Currently we may be more worried about war than financial collapse but the astrological source of that fear remains the same. Even so, it is not an indisputable omen that the worst will actually happen.

Tuesday March 4
Time Travel News

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent forecast you said it was not possible to travel in time. But I have found articles and videos on the internet which suggest that some people already have the secret. I have little doubt that all of us will soon be able to do this. Larry

Dear Larry,

Well, they do say that if time travel is going to prove possible one day in the future it must be possible now, too. All I know is that there's much more fun in being open to this idea than there is in arguing against it!

Wednesday March 5
Meditation Conversation

Dear Jonathan,
I have enjoyed reading those recent letters about meditation. It took a long time for me to grasp that, as long as I was aiming for any goal, I was missing the point! If sleep comes, then my spirit aims to talk to me in a deeper part of my being. It's as it is meant to be! Dana

Hi Jonathan,

I've been teaching meditation for over 40 years now. Going to sleep is natural when you start. I find meditation CDs help in entering the borderline state between wakefulness and sleep without actually nodding off. Alec

Thursday March 6

None of us like what's happening in the Ukraine right now. Some of my fellow astrologers have pointed to the current state of celestial tension and suggested that earthly tension is only to be expected. We are, after all, edging towards a rare Grand Cross in the cardinal signs which will include the next Uranus/Pluto square in April. A degree of tension is, indeed, to be expected. Perhaps, too, a degree of fear. But to see a spider is not to be bitten by a spider. And while escalating conflict is possible, it is still not inevitable.

Friday March 7
Hope Springs Eternal

Here, in recent days we've gone from light-hearted chat about issues arising during meditation to words about the outcome of a serious global conflict. This may sound odd but I feel the two topics are connected. Experience has taught me that when there's a powerful planetary alignment taking place, only one force is reliably strong enough to alter its most likely influence. That's the cosmic force that gets unleashed when people reach silently into their hearts to commune with their highest hopes and deepest prayers. When millions of us do this in one spirit, we can effectively alter everything.

Saturday March 8
Your Week Ahead

Jupiter has now completed the phase of retrograde motion that it began late last year. That's not just good news for Sagittarians and Pisceans, it's encouraging for anyone, of any sign, with entrepreneurial inclinations. Indeed, a forward-moving planet of hope and expansion doesn't just bode well for business. It implies a favourable climate for publishers and publicists, campaigners for justice and what I like to call 'seekers of serendipity'. Many of us will soon notice a marked increase in the number of 'convenient coincidences' that somehow serve to help us feel as if we're 'going with the flow!

Sunday March 9
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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