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March 10 2014 to March 16 2014

Monday March 10
Now and Then

Hi Jonathan,
Following on from recent comments about time travel, I'd like to add that there is no past or future. Everything is in the eternal now. We can only live in the now, where individually and collectively, we constantly create what we are. Life is not static and we don't have to accept negative portents. Some glimpses of the future may be just warnings of what might happen if we do not change now. Bev

Dear Bev,

Well said. I like to think of astrology as 'exploratory time travel' where we find the future hidden in the present.

Tuesday March 11
Driving Lesson

People, understandably, are worried about the state of the world but we're in no worse condition now than we were. We're just more aware of what could go wrong. Ultimately, that's positive, as are the recent completions of retrograde phases for Jupiter and Mercury. Earth can now be thought of as a car whose brakes have stopped sticking, whose engine is running smoothly and whose steering wheel has become less erratic. The question is what are we driving towards next? We all get a say in that. The next destination is simply the one favoured by the most hearts.

Wednesday March 12
Animal Magic

Hi Jonathan,
Why do you think animal cruelty is on the increase? Malka

Dear Malka,
I don't think it is on the increase! Nor do I think there's more global conflict or collective insensitivity. We're hearing more about bad things because where, once, the world just turned a blind eye to what it felt it couldn't change, we are now waking up and taking interest. The news media is responding to that interest by supplying us with more stories, filed by more reporters. Actually, we are all just recognising our power to exert a positive influence on one another.

Thursday March 13

Dear Jonathan,
I've been through pain in my personal life. I have lost two loves and am shattered. Can you see hope for us to rekindle and forgive? J

Dear J,
Forgive. And let go. For this you need no astrological assistance. Just reach into the well of faith and kindness deep in your heart. It is never empty. But sometimes, we make a lid with heavy stones of resentment, fear or despair. Even if we manage to clear these, we lower leaky buckets, pierced by sharp, spiky needs and desires. Accept what the cosmos is actually offering you.

Friday March 14
Slow but Sure

Dear Jonathan,
Are we in the Age of Aquarius? And if not, when is it coming? Teresa

Dear Teresa,
My mate Terry MacKinnell is a highly respected Australian astrologer who has made the Aquarian Age his specialist subject. He argues that the epoch came in the 15th century with the invention of the printing press. But ages, like days, dawn slowly. If you think of a 2,200-year long period as a 'day' then, even if Terry's date is fair dinkum, it's not yet late morning in the emerging era. The sun of enlightenment is gradually rising.

Saturday March 15
Your Week Ahead

Sometimes, we get so caught up in how we wish things were that we simply can't stop and see the magic in how things actually are. Or we let small worries grow, like microbes in a petri dish, until they become a colony of concerns. And if those worries are big to begin with, we inadvertently incubate them until they take the form of lumbering giants. This week begins with a Full Moon and ends with a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. It brings us all a chance to cut fears down to size and replace anxiety with hope.

Sunday March 16
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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