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April 28 2014 to May 4 2014

Monday April 28

Do you, by any chance, know anyone who is out in a boat on the Australian side of Antarctica? If so, and if you also happen to have won the lottery lately, you may care to cancel your plans and go travelling. Though it is always a breathtaking sight to behold, few of us will witness tomorrow's 'annular' solar eclipse. Even the usually fortunate Australians will, mostly, only get a partial view. Happily, you don't actually need to see it in order to benefit. Your forecast today, explains how this rare celestial spectacle could soon change your life for the better.

Tuesday April 29
Precision Engineering

Whenever we gaze at the sky, don't we feel as if we are appreciating a kind of living picture, an animated masterpiece of colour and cloud, shimmering with sunshine or sprinkled with stars? And on the rare occasion when we get blessed by an eclipse, isn't it more as if we are witnessing the pen of the actual artisan, slowly inscribing a signature? An eclipse is so perfectly precise it makes me think I'm seeing nature itself saying, 'Do you really think this all just happens at random?' Here's proof that a very deliberate designer has been at work.

Wednesday April 30
Design for Living

As yesterday's stunning eclipse fades into history, should we all go back to seeing the world as it looked before? Can't we just forget how the Moon covered the face of the Sun with such perfect precision? Aren't we entitled to forget our fanciful notions about how we have witnessed the handiwork of a conscious creator? Or is it fair to see symbolic significance in this suggestion of a benign, intelligent force at work in the cosmos? Today, we may all find ourselves a little more likely to recognise evidence of a divine hand at work in our lives!

Thursday May 1
Grand Cross Purposes

Hi Jonathan,
I'm told that my birth chart contains a 'Grand Cross'. Is the current Cardinal Grand Cross of any significance to me? Vivien

Dear Vivien,
The Grand Cross in your birth chart will not have involved quite the same planets in the same positions. It could even have been a 'fixed' or 'mutable' cross. But the current celestial formation has significance for us all, regardless of what was happening in the sky at our moment of birth. We're all, somehow, being urged to wake up and recognise what has been in need of change for far too long.

Friday May 2
Half Cross

Dear Jonathan,
Can we see this Cardinal Grand Cross in the night sky? Carrie

Dear Carrie,
If it's not too cloudy, you can see some of it. Mars is visible all night, rising in the east around sunset. And Jupiter is high as the Sun goes down... dropping below the horizon before dawn. So that half of the alignment is visible. But neither Uranus nor Pluto are 'naked-eye' objects. And anyway, a Grand Cross effectively 'surrounds the earth' so, while you're looking at the bit above your head, the other half is always going to be below your feet.

Saturday May 3
Your Week Ahead

How far is the Moon from the Earth? It depends when you ask the question. Right now, it is about 252,000 miles away. By mid-May, it will be about 23,000 miles nearer. You can say something similar about the amount of water within you. The number is 50 to 75 per cent, depending on when you last went to the tap... or the bathroom! This is provable, as is the idea that the Moon's movements affect the oceans. But astrologers say it also pulls our emotions. During this relatively 'weak' week... we might expect to feel a little less psychologically seasick.

Sunday May 4
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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