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May 5 2014 to May 11 2014

Monday May 5
Like a Circle in a Spiral

Hi Jonathan,
They say the wheel is the greatest invention ever but doesn't everything in the universe move in a circular motion? Aren't all stars, planets, even galaxies, round? And I've been thinking, Jonathan, aren't all those Grand Crosses and 'squares' simply made in our own imaginations by connecting lines in the only way we know. Sunil

Dear Sunil,
Arguably, we each create our own understanding of reality by 'connecting lines' in the only way we know. I do like your suggestion that the cosmos, by its very nature, dropped us a nice big hint about the wheel.

Tuesday May 6
Good Bad News

Dear Jonathan,
A few days ago you said in my forecast, words to the effect that a series of wonderful events would happen. Since then I've had an unexpectedly large car repair bill and I've had to book an emergency dental appointment. Pray tell when something good is going to happen!!! Nicola

Dear Nicola,
Your car had a hidden defect which must have been dangerous or the mechanic would not have risked your wrath by urging you to get it fixed. Your tooth too, was a problem waiting to happen. What could be more wonderful than being rescued twice?

Wednesday May 7
Something For the Weekend

Hello Jonathan,
I notice that at weekends there's no real daily reading. You just publish a weekly forecast. Is there a specific reason why you do not write about Saturdays and Sundays? Cindy.

Hello Cindy,
Every day deserves a new prediction. But doesn't every astrologer deserve a little time off, if only to help get a sense of perspective? When I began writing my columns, 28 years ago, daunted by the sheer number of words I would otherwise have had to produce, I decided to make Friday's page a 'weekend forecast' by considering all three days in one go.

Thursday May 8
Fly me to the Moon

The relationship between the Earth and the Moon may be compared to the relationship between a child and a kite. If we think of the kite string as slightly elastic, we can see how sometimes the Moon gets further away from Earth and sometimes it comes nearer to it. Around now, the Moon is about as far from us as it can ever get. Those who believe that the Moon has an influence on our emotions might say that right now, more of us are more able than usual to stand further apart from feelings that often overwhelm us.

Friday May 9
Peace In Our Time

Dear Jonathan,
Do you think trouble in the Ukraine could lead to a wider war? Kate

Dear Kate,
There was once an astrologer who once wrote a very successful column. Shortly before World War II, he was asked whether he thought hostilities were inevitable. He cast his charts and announced, 'No. Mr Chamberlain is right. There can be peace in our time.' And his reputation, understandably, suffered. I recognise that I take a risk in answering your question. But I still have to say, while a tense link from Pluto to Uranus is famous for raising fear, I foresee no such outcome.

Saturday May 10
Your Week Ahead

This week, as we watch the Moon grow full, we won't be treated to the same beautiful, crimson eclipse that many saw last month and that will next grace the night sky in October. The Earth's shadow doesn't fall across the lunar surface every time the Sun and Moon oppose each other. But even when this alignment is only 'two dimensional' it is still a stunning sight. And this full moon will form a fairly close conjunction with Saturn, which speaks symbolically, of millions, worldwide, becoming aware of an emotional or, in some cases, physical need for better boundaries.

Sunday May 11
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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