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January 6 2014 to January 12 2014

Monday January 6
Cover Versions

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover. Nor, really can any of us hope to judge a year by the things that have happened during its first few days. Whether 2013 is already a fading memory for you or whether you fear it has left you with an unwelcome legacy that will take the whole of 2014 to shake off, I've got good news. This is going to be a much more enjoyable year during which, even if the same old problems rear their heads again, we'll all find it easier to see solutions to them.

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Tuesday January 7
Start a Resolution

Usually, by the time we get to this part of January, I make a point of avoiding all mention of resolutions. I'm aware that many of us start the year by making bold promises, then, once the reality of routine takes hold, we feel uncomfortable about our apparent inability to uphold them. But this year, things are different. That New Moon on New Year's Day had an empowering influence on all who even so much as thought about changing something. Thus now, not only is it not too late to try again... it is not too late to start!

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Wednesday January 8
Don't Give Up!

Just one more word here today about why I'll still be referring to New Year resolutions in your forecast for a while to come. I suspect that this year they will turn out to be far more meaningful than usual. I understand that, if you've already given up on yours, you may find this a little annoying. But then why did you make it? And did you let it go? Often we sabotage ourselves. We 'fail' to do what we said we would do, then decide it's now too late. But, it's not... unless you want it to be.

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Thursday January 9
Horary Potter

Dear Jonathan,
At night, someone keeps moving my plant pot from one place to another, even though I have weighted it down with rockery stones. I know this is not your usual area but what should I do? Isabel

Dear Isabel,
At first, I was taken aback by this. You gave me no other details, not even your zodiac sign. Then, I remembered an ancient technique by which any question can be answered by casting a chart for the moment it arrives with the astrologer. So I hereby pass this to the 'horary practitioners' in our readership. I'll share the replies.

Friday January 10
Resolution Conclusion

Hello Jonathan,
I am sick of reading about New Year's resolutions in your daily introductions and in the forecasts themselves. If someone needs to change something in their life, why can't they just do it now? Martha

Dear Martha,
Normally you'd be right to imply that there's nothing so special about New Year but this year, a New Moon fell on January 1 and, instead of that day being just a time to honour an empty tradition, the climate for fresh starts became genuinely auspicious. Even so, from next week, I intend to make far less mention of this.

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Saturday January 11
Your Week Ahead

As we go through the week ahead, the Moon grows bigger each day. For those still bravely struggling to keep up the lifestyle changes we embarked on at New Year, the cosmic climate represents both a challenge and a chance. Somehow, under this coming Full Moon we'll understand more about the difficulties we may be having in breaking free from old habits and we'll see how to implement those changes more effectively. Much is due to be different for us all in 2014 and constructive steps towards a lasting plan for future wellbeing can be successfully taken this week.

Sunday January 12
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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