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May 12 2014 to May 18 2014

Monday May 12
Many Meanings to Cross

Dear Jonathan,
I was intrigued to hear about the planets forming a cross that culminated over Easter. I went to a church service where the vicar reminded us how, as children we would find a red cross next to schoolwork considered 'wrong' yet how a cross at the end of a text or a letter could represent love. Fiona

Dear Fiona,
Indeed. And regardless of our religious beliefs, we should all remember that, often in life, the way we look at something or the colour we 'choose to paint it' can make a vital difference to how we feel.

Tuesday May 13
Accentuate the Positive

Hi Jonathan,
After reading what you said about how the distance of the Moon from Earth can affect our emotions, I began to wonder how much our belief (or non-belief) in astrology can affect our sensitivity to celestial influences? Chris

Hi Chris,
If we believe something is likely, we somehow make it more likely to happen. Positive attitudes attract positive outcomes; and gloom-mongers are often vindicated. I see it as my job to identify the forces that are so strong that they will have an impact whether I create an expectation or not... whilst trying to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies.

Wednesday May 14
Mysterious Moon

The sky's many moving lights speak to us in a complex code in which few 'words' have many alternate meanings. To distinguish between these, astrologers rely on tradition, context and, to some extent, their own sensitivity. But some celestial symbols are surprisingly simple. This full moon, for example, is in Scorpio, sign of mysteries, secrets and taboos. To see so much heavenly light arriving in this sector of the sky implies exactly what you might imagine. More people, around the world, feeling inspired to resolve confusing issues, reveal truths that have been deliberately suppressed and discuss difficult, delicate topics.

Thursday May 15
Which Sign?

Hello Jonathan,
My 97-year-old mother has always celebrated her birthday on October 12. Recently, we found her birth certificate. To our surprise it states September 12. When we seek guidance from her forecast, which sign should we consult? Frances

Dear Frances,
The date on that certificate is surely right. If you ever get an astrologer to cast her full chart, supply September 12! As for her Sun-sign, I have no power to declare her an 'honorary Libran'. Only she can choose. Perhaps rising to the challenge of change could give this Virgo a new lease of life?

Friday May 16
Be There Or Be Venus Jupiter Square

This weekend's Venus/Jupiter square is not as momentous as the recent Grand Cross (which is still current and relevant) but many of us may respond to this brief alignment. Planets in 'square' tend to bring out each other's most dramatic characteristics. Thus Jupiter (an amplifying force) will increase Venusian enthusiasm for romance and luxury. And Venus (an inhibition reducer) will exacerbate Jupiterian largesse, encouraging generous gestures. If you feel such impulses are better curbed than indulged, stay up late and stargaze. Under clear skies, just before dawn, both will be visible, as will the right angle between them.

Saturday May 17
Your Week Ahead

Since March, the planet of purpose, progress, fury and fervour has been 'retrograde'. The orbit of Mars never actually reverses but we live on a ball of rock that, like Mars, is hurtling round the Sun. If you think of the sky as the 'window of our spaceship' then, as we overtake a slower ship that's still moving ahead, it looks to us as if it is slipping into the distance. Such optical illusions had great significance to the ancients. They would say, 'If your ship has lately been becalmed' here's the following wind you've been hoping for.

Sunday May 18
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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