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June 9 2014 to June 15 2014

Monday June 9

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent Aquarius forecast you said 'No matter how justified resentment may feel, forgiveness is the only way.' Presumably, by 'forgiveness' you don't mean, 'What someone did was OK' but 'What they did is no longer important enough to waste my energy on.' Ken

Dear Jonathan,
Should we be tolerant of genocide? Sorry.... but surely, there are limits. Kari

Normally, after sharing readers' letters, I add my reply. But I feel I have nothing to add to what I have already said. I hereby invite other readers to send me an email with their thoughts and feelings on forgiveness here.

Tuesday June 10
Take a Breath

Hi Jonathan,
If someone wants to have their full personal horoscope cast but their birth was induced, does the astrologer use the 'due date' or the actual moment of birth? Christine

Dear Christine, This is one of those tricky questions that astrologers frequently debate between themselves. I think, though, I speak for the vast majority when I say that we long ago agreed a policy. The moment you take your first breath is the moment you were born and thus the moment your horoscope should be calculated for, regardless of what happened in the time leading up to this.

Wednesday June 11
Dream Time

After our discussion about unknown birth times, Dawn sent in the following extract from her memoirs:

'The night before she dies, Mum dreams of Dad sitting next to an empty chair. A month later it's my birthday and my sleep is abruptly terminated by a shrill wake-up call. I'm upright in bed reaching for a clock that's strangely silent. I'm remembering I took the phone off the hook so I could sleep in, I'm thinking, 'Mum's hung around to give me a birthday present. I look and see it's five to six. Now, I can get my horoscope done.'

Thursday June 12
Cracking the Cosmic Code

Hi Jonathan,
I am responding to the many letters you have shared recently about times and days of birth. Weren't hours and minutes, even clocks and calendars invented long after people started interpreting the positions of planets? So how was your art practised back then? Lesley

Dear Lesley,
The language with which we describe the passage of time is based on the language of the heavens. You're right to suggest that the cosmic code came first. Astrologers make many mathematical adjustments to translate one to the other. But it remains important to have accurate information in the first place.

Friday June 13
Frustration Station

Hi Jon,
Last week, I had a 'typical' Mercury retrograde experience. All the cliches. Delayed transport, mixed messages, deals that fell through, plans going awry. Yet this was before Mercury changed direction. You recently made dismissive comments about the 'shadow' period' that some astrologers attribute to this phenomenon. So was it just me? Jan

Dear Jan,
It was not just you. I also had a day like that late last week. But I expected it. I've never seen evidence of a long foreshadowing period but the time of Mercury's 'station' just before it turns, is always the most powerful.

Saturday June 14
Your Week Ahead

A retrograde Mercury heralds a time of reflection and review, during which many of us tend to do better if we focus on the past (and what we can learn from it) rather than on the future (and what we can gain from it.) It's true that sometimes, under a retrograde Mercury, we have little choice but to slow down as processes get delayed and communications become confused; but this week, as Mercury slips back into the sign it left late last month, we will also gain an advantage from revisiting deals that we thought were done and dusted.

Sunday June 15
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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