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June 16 2014 to June 22 2014

Monday June 16

Hello Jonathan,
Further to recent letters on this subject, I feel forgiveness is not a tool that lets the perpetrator of the hook but a tool that lets me off the hook and gives me the freedom to move on. Zoe

Hi Jonathan,
I see forgiveness as letting go of resentment as this is more damaging to us than the people we resent. I watched an interview where the singer Peter Andre was questioned about forgiveness in relation to his past. He said 'holding on to anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die'. Wendy

Tuesday June 17
The Gift That Keeps on Forgiving

On the topic of forgiveness, a reader who wishes to remain anonymous says: 'For years, my mother burnt me with an iron and poured boiling water over me. She is a churchgoer and thinks I should forgive her because her God has.' I don't know how to comment on this shocking story but I note that it came in the same batch of letters as the following, from Carrie who says: 'We do not 'forgive' someone for their benefit we forgive them for our own. Holding on to negativity makes us sick. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.'

Wednesday June 18
Forgive and Let Forgive

Dear Jonathan,
To forgive bad behaviour is not to condone it. Of course, If the perpetrator is remorseful, it is easier to forgive. But should forgiveness come without punishment or retribution? Isn't the ability to forgive a transgression as much needed by the victim as by the wrongdoer? TP

Dear Mr Cainer,
I think of 'forgiveness' as the act of freely releasing my energy for giving. Focusing on judgements about other people's behavior tends to leave me unwilling to offer anything. Forgiveness is about how I elect to lovingly give myself to the world after I've been hurt. Cynthia

Thursday June 19
No Score Draw

Hi Jonathan,
Who is going to win the World Cup? Barry

Hi Barry,
The trouble with predicting the outcome of any sporting event is that this rarely wins the astrologer any friends. The supporters of the other teams just feel offended or let down. They don't give me any credit for cosmic insight; they just assume that I must have a bias. And those who you might think would most welcome my prophecy are equally unimpressed. They just respond 'Well of course. That's obvious.' So I hope you don't mind if, on this occasion I reply, 'Ask a bookie!'

Friday June 20
Fall Forward Spring Back

Dear Jonathan,
You had a discussion about how birth times affect our charts. But not one person mentioned Daylight Saving Time. I have two different birth records, at exactly one hour apart, because of this. How much has that affected any readings I have had over the years? Leanne

Dear Leanne,
Here, at least, I can be clear. No self-respecting astrologer, anywhere in the world, would dream of casting a chart before taking the birth time supplied by their client and carefully checking detailed local records to establish whether they need to adjust this for Daylight Saving Time.

Saturday June 21
Your Week Ahead

Solstice Greetings! For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this is when the Sun reaches its winter turning point. In the North it is summer. But wherever you are, this is a moment to greet with gratitude. A time when hope becomes more believable and hearts can rekindle enthusiasm for life's wonderful, if sometimes arduous, journey. Astrologers and druids often celebrate it in a special dawn ceremony. But wherever you are this week... take a moment to glance up and recognise the magic and majesty of the sky. Let it, in turn, support the magic and majesty of your heart.

Sunday June 22
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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