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June 23 2014 to June 29 2014

Monday June 23
Long and the Short of It

Depending on where you are in the world, you have just enjoyed the year's shortest night or the shortest day. At least, I hope you enjoyed it. You have certainly lived through it! In so far as the Solstice has a single defining moment, it is over now. But it is still considered a 'live' astrological influence. The Sun has reached its turning point in the journey that it makes along the horizon. We can all consider ourselves entitled to stop, take stock, review the direction we have been taking and reflect on where we want to go next.

Tuesday June 24
Stop, Look, Listen

Fond though I am of sharing reader's letters, and even though we've got several unfinished chains of discussion, I think it is appropriate to take the advice that any good astrologer would surely give now and honour the symbolism of the Solstice. Here's a cosmic opportunity to stop, take stock, reflect and review. It may even be a suitable moment to change direction in sympathy with the way that the Sun is now reversing along the daily path it has been following in its seasonal journey across the horizon. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Er... unless it isn't!

Wednesday June 25
Progress Report

Dear Jonathan,
An astrologer friend suggested I should do lots of work during this phase while Mercury is retrograde. He believes in pursuing many different projects and tasks on the grounds that some will succeed even if others fail. What are your thoughts? Urvi

Dear Urvi,
I agree that Mercury Retrograde doesn't spell the end of progress. It simply highlights the need to be more sensitive about how progress is made. We can gain from this influence by observing which ideas are naturally catching the wind of serendipity in their sails... and trying harder to understand why others aren't!

Thursday June 26
Feminine Side

Dear Jonathan,
What if a person is gay? Can an astrologer see this represented in their birth chart? And how much impact does it have on the kind of reading they give? Joey

Hi Jonathan,
Are there are any astrological differences for men and women? Charles

Dear All,
Regardless of what a person's gender or sexual orientation may be, I feel that when people take so much as a passing interest in how the cosmos is influencing us, they are automatically expressing the more feminine, receptive, sensitive aspect of their personality. Astrological advice is thus best directed accordingly!

Friday June 27
Make No Mistake

Dear Jonathan,
?Is it possible for someone to be a mistake to the extent that it is their loving duty to quietly disappear? xxx

Dear xxx,
We all, without exception, make mistakes. Sometimes we make whopping great big ones. Sometimes, we make several. But no matter how many mistakes a person may ever make, nobody, under any circumstances whatsoever, can consider themselves to be a mistake. You are not a mistake. Regardless of what you have done... or fear that you have done... or fear that you have failed to do, it is your loving duty NOT to disappear!

Saturday June 28
Your July Monthly Forecast

July begins with the end of Mercury's recent retrograde phase. By the middle of the month, the communication planet will have fully regained the ground that it has lately lost (or should I say the space because Mercury's orbit covers space, not ground). So the further into this month we get, the more we will all start to feel as if long-awaited progress is happening. That sensation of momentum after a frustrating delay will be enhanced still further by the departure of Mars from a sector of the sky that it has been resident in since 2014 began.

Sunday June 29
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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