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June 30 2014 to July 6 2014

Monday June 30
More Forgiving

More, this week, on the topic of forgiveness. Joe writes:

'Just because you have forgiven someone does not mean that you have to participate in their continued madness. Forgive them, then keep them at a distance.'

And a reader who understandably wishes to remain anonymous tells a terrible tale of abuse, experienced in childhood and then says:

'I think more important than this overrated concept of forgiveness is the important concept of unconditional love. I never stopped loving my parents even when I suffered through them.'

I've had several more such letters, some of which I shall share soon.

Tuesday July 1
Scoopily Accurate

Dear Jonathan,
I own an ice cream delivery business. Whenever Mercury does its dance, my truck breaks down. During this most recent phase of retrograde Mercury I've had a broken fuel pump and fuel line plus a faulty generator. Patti

Dear Patti,
You don't say exactly when these problems arose but I find they tend to occur just at the start of the retrograde phase. If more tales, with dates, from more readers, cause me to reconsider my advice, I will. Meanwhile, with Mercury now moving forward once more, we can hopefully all look forward to smoother progress.

Wednesday July 2
The Right to Grieve

You recently shared a letter from a reader who had been badly treated by her mother who then told her that she should forgive her. By telling this reader that he or she 'should' forgive, the mother is actually laying guilt and blame on the victim for the acts that she committed. Please urge this person to seek the help of a good counsellor. He or she has been wronged and has the right to grieve. That's a necessary first step to healing. Please help your reader understand that he or she deserves real, caring, knowledgeable help. Michele

Thursday July 3
That's the Spirit Guides

Dear Jonathan,

Last month, my friend and I took a trip to Arizona. We experienced a lot of healing and messages from our 'spirit-guides'. Linda received information that the world would change for the better beginning in 2016 and that the enlightenment coming in would be like 'tiny grains of sand with light pervading through.' That's what we now know and we hope that is of help. Daurice

Dear Daurice,

I love hearing that some of my readers not only have spirit guides, they communicate with these as they go travelling! That, all in itself, reassures me that perhaps the world is becoming a better place.

Friday July 4
Dramatic Licence

Hi Jonathan,
According to my forecast, there's a lot of drama in my world but I have to say that my life is drama-free for the first time in a long while. I imagine this goes to show how hardship and joy are relative to what you are expecting. Yes I have a 'thing' that is a touch troublesome but I'm not freaking out. Drama creates drama, right? PJ

Hi PJ,
Right! And as I always try hard to explain, we have a choice about how to respond to life's challenges! Long may your experience supersede your prediction!

Saturday July 5
Your Week Ahead

Venus, this week, forms a sharp alignment to Saturn. Mars makes an antagonistic aspect to Neptune. The Sun and Uranus have a cosmic disagreement too. All or any of these configurations can be interpreted as troublesome omens. Even the forthcoming Full Moon can be read in this way. But only by those who are seeking reasons to worry. Life is never without its challenges or its sources of irritation. But all cosmic provocations can also provide motivation towards positive change. If you've got hope in your heart now, you may yet encounter events that suggest it is truly justified.

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