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July 7 2014 to July 13 2014

Monday July 7
Superstition Ain't That Way

Dear Jonathan,
I'm worried because I have broken a mirror. Does this really signify seven years of bad luck? Bronwin

Dear Bronwin,
When I was a child, cartoon strips in comics often depicted mirrors shattering when people pulled faces as they looked into the glass! If that's how you did it, you can compensate by making a conscious effort, whenever you visit a bathroom for the next seven years, to acknowledge only your own most radiant beauty reflected back at you. Otherwise, whilst this could be construed as the pot insulting the kettle... I suggest you ignore all such superstitions.

Tuesday July 8
Feeling Sorry

Some while ago, I opened a conversation about forgiveness and shared varying views about the extent to which we ought to let go of the past, regardless of how badly people have behaved towards us. I've not added to this lately, partly because it has prompted a series of letters from people telling heartbreaking tales. These, I feel, are too private to publish, even with the names changed. Most recently, I received one that ended, 'Now, I just feel sorry for the people who did this. It is better than feeling sorry for myself.' I find that most inspiring.

Wednesday July 9
Acceptance and Repentance

Dear Jonathan,
I have added 'forgiveness' to my list of overrated/understated dangerous concepts! It may make number two, following close behind 'justice'. There is no such thing! These ideas get us into terrible trouble. It is divine to forgive. Justice is also a high, heavenly concept. But people are mortal and flawed. We do stupid things. I'd personally suggest that anyone who is struggling to forgive may make easier progress through 'acceptance'. Kerry

Hey Jonathan,
I once met a wise old lady who said, 'Forgiveness should never visit, where repentance doesn't dwell.' That has never let me down. Graham

Thursday July 10
Heavens Above

When you think of an astrologer do you imagine some all-knowing figure, in a library lined with ancient books, operating a complicated telescope and casting mysterious charts full of unfathomable symbols? Do you see a sage looking up from his (or her) calculations to make some grand pronouncement about the client's destiny? Yet the modern world has no room or time for such fancies. Attitudes have moved on... as have technologies. Tomorrow, I'd like to instigate an experiment in which we can all participate, equally, to gain a better understanding of how the heavens actually influence our lives.

Friday July 11
Pre, Post or Full On?

Experience teaches me that whenever you get a Full Moon at a weekend, the effect intensifies. It's like the additional impact that alcohol has on people at high altitude. Many astrologers also feel that the Full Moon tends to be at its most powerful just before it becomes exact. That would be today. Would you care to help me test this? Please observe how events unfold in your life today, tomorrow and Sunday. Then drop me a line, telling me your sign and which of these days felt more, to you, as if it brought most Full Moon madness.

Saturday July 12
Your Week Ahead

This week begins with a Full Moon and goes on to bring Saturn to the end of its recent phase of retrograde motion. Many astrologers see such retrograde phases as undesirable because they believe the influence of the planet in question is limited or restricted. But Saturn, of course, is the planet of limitation and restriction. So presumably, it's good for the planet of impediment to be impeded! Unless, perhaps, those impediments were serving a positive purpose in which case, maybe it's not so ideal for them to end! Such conundrums aside, many should find this a liberating week.

Sunday July 13
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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