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July 14 2014 to July 20 2014

Monday July 14
Made of Cosmos

Dear Jonathan,
Letting go of bad energy, and forgiving someone for hurting me are two different things. I always try to let go, but I do not always forgive. Craig

Dear Jonathan,
I must respond to the comment that forgiveness and justice are overrated. Are each and every one of us not divine? We may be mortal and flawed but we are, in essence, immortal. All that imperfection? It is perfect. There is no cosmic hierarchy allowing only 'the boss' the power to forgive. The cosmos is not some distant thing. It is what we are made of. Paul

Tuesday July 15
Glenda Writes:

Hi Jonathan,
Forgiveness comes in two categories: over infringements, and over catastrophic wrongs. Wrongs are a special category involving acceptance, personal growth and integration. There's a sense of invisible moral superiority built into the idea of routine forgiveness. Small challenges with forgiveness amount to us bumping into one another ideologically. Our daily irritations are really indignation about perceived wrongs, wrong choices or even 'wrong' lifestyle. This is a moral judgment, expecting others to see and respond as we would. Once we give up this moral indignation, much forgiveness becomes the simpler matter of accepting a more expansive picture. Glenda

Wednesday July 16
Release and Relief

Hi Jonathan,
Forgiveness is not for the benefit of others, it is for the benefit of the person who forgives. Far better to forgive and move on than to be emotionally shackled to a person who has caused you pain. If it is hard to find forgiveness in your heart, fake it at first and slowly open up your heart. I know it is possible. I've done it several times. It lightens the load. Carole

Dear Mr. Cainer,
A religious person once said to me, 'Ask God to forgive them and to release us.' I've never forgotten it. Lise

Thursday July 17
Pre Moon Tension

Hi Jonathan,
You asked readers to tell you about their experience of the recent Full Moon... and to note when it seemed to be at its strongest. For me, the lead up to it in the week before was worst, characterised by dramas, emotional upsets and tense encounters. I kept feeling as if my life was out of control. What I usually find when we get to the actual evening of the Full Moon, is that all this edginess suddenly dissipates and I start to feel my normal self again. That was very much the case last weekend. Ann

Friday July 18
More on the Recent SuperMoon

Dear Jonathan,
You asked how last weekend's Full Moon affected people. I have a difficult supervisor who upsets me a lot. Recently, she's been away. I said only the other day, 'If she never comes back, it will be too soon for me.' Today I came to work to find she had passed away. I feel terrible now, and tremendously guilty. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming myself for what happened... but I do feel that exceptionally powerful Moon taught me a big lesson. 'If you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything at all...' R

Saturday July 19
Your Week Ahead

Saturn is the planet of 'must' and 'must not'. It governs don't-you-dare and you-won't-get-away-with-this. It is specially relevant to people who take an interest in comeuppances or who can't resist "I-told-you-so's". Since March it has been going through one of its retrograde phases, which, according to some astrologers, implies an impeded influence. Can you guess what happens when the planet that holds things back is itself, held back? We may notice a slowdown this week as it heads forward again, much to the delight of naysayers and curmudgeons.

Sunday July 20
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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