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January 13 2014 to January 19 2014

Monday January 13
Double Date

Dear Jonathan,
I gather the 2014 calendar is a repeat of the one we used in 1986. Can you see any similarities with the planets between these years? Jacqueline

Dear Jacqueline,

The similarity extends no further than the fact that the days of the week fall on the same dates. The celestial spheres, of course, never know what day it is. Whilst their individual movements follow patterns that periodically repeat, centuries will pass before we ever see three or more heavenly cycles interacting just as they did in some previous year. Even then, the alignments occur on different dates.

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Tuesday January 14
More Horary Pottery

Remember last week's letter from Isabel, describing mysterious movements of a plant pot in the night? Of the letters I've had so far, one offers a psychic reading while another takes a psychologists' view, seeing a reflection of Isabel's state of mind. The third is from a fellow astrologer who has cast a chart for the moment he first saw the question. So far, he honours the protocol of horary astrology but his comments make me suspect he is not strictly following the medieval method. Traditionalists, I know, are few and far between but I'd love to hear from one.

Wednesday January 15
Pre Moon Tension

The Moon tonight will look very full but most calendars and diaries display that little round symbol for a Full Moon next to tomorrow's date. They're not wrong but nor are they telling the whole story. Astrologers consider the most powerful moment to be just before an alignment culminates. By the time it gets dark on Thursday, no matter where you may be and what time zone you are in, the opposition between Sun and Moon will have peaked. So according to traditional lore, Wednesday is the actual night of the Full Moon. Werewolves and vampires please take note.

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Thursday January 16
Starlight Repress

Now, while the Moon remains fairly full, we can see the importance of what happens whenever the Moon is nearly new. Or at least, we can't see. But it's what we can't see that counts! This exercise won't work if there's too much cloud but if you're lucky and it's clear, look either side of the Moon, then just above and below. Other than a twinkly Jupiter, it's all looking dark. That's because moonlight drowns out starlight. I'll remind you of why this matters when we next enter the 'Dark of The Moon' towards the end of the month.

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Friday January 17
Pot Luck

Remember Isabel, who said her plant pot was mysteriously moving at night? Julie points out there's often a connection between our deepest psychological needs and otherwise inexplicable events in our daily lives. She wonders if Isabel feels stuck in one place. Meanwhile, a fellow astrologer called Paul has cast a chart for the moment he saw Isabel's question, and from reading this, thinks there's something going on in her love life. I've also received a letter from one of the world's most eminent traditional horary astrologers. I'll share that next week... after which, hopefully, Isabel can tell us more.

Saturday January 18
Your Week Ahead

We may be reaching the end of the pantomime season but this week's sharp alignment from Mars to Neptune means we should expect silly situations to arise all around us. There's always an element of the farcical in evidence when these two planets form an antagonistic angle. Prepare for conversations at cross-purposes, emphatic statements of fact followed by sheepish retractions and laughably pitiful displays of distraction and deception. That's bad enough when it comes from people who are supposed to be in high office but this week, all who are overly officious risk slipping on psychological banana skins.

Sunday January 19
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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