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July 21 2014 to July 27 2014

Monday July 21
Anger, Shame and Forgiveness

Dear Jonathan,
If anybody killed one of my family, I would kill them! There could be no forgiveness. Bill

Hello Jonathan,
Of all of the emotions in the human repertoire, hate, anger and resentment are among the most self destructive. These feelings change our hearts and minds. We must learn that we do not have to be angry just because we have the right to be. We have the ability to forgive people, not as a gift to them, but as a gift to our self. As Benjamin Franklin said, 'Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.' Mihajlo

Tuesday July 22
Supermoon Stories

Dear Jonathan,
You asked for feedback about the 'Supermoon'. I cannot recall ever feeling such a strong emotional pull. The week leading up to it was intensely dramatic involving a relationship break-up. Michele.

Dear Michele (and all who have written in),
I recognise that, according to traditional expectation, I should be the one saying 'Here's what to expect.' rather than, 'Please tell me what happened?' But a good astrologer needs to test theory through experience rather than just echo the textbooks. Though some of your stories have been too personal to publish, I have read every one.

Wednesday July 23
Forgiving the Unfair

Dear Jonathan,
Why all the talk about forgiveness? Who do you think you are, telling everyone they must forgive? What about people who have suffered grievous, life-ruining wrongs? With no support and the truth being denied at every turn? I don't see the point of forgiving all the cowards who hurt people from positions of secrecy. It would only benefit THEM. What are you really saying? That trying to fight back is futile? What kind of message is that? You're a big fraud. Leslie

Dear Leslie, I feel you're being most unfair here. But, er... I forgive you!!

Thursday July 24
Lunar Loudness

Hi Jonathan,
Is it true we can expect two more Supermoons, one in August, one in September, to give a total of three this year? And that our emotional lessons are not quite over? Jeffrey

Hi Jeffrey,
I suspect, no matter how high we raise our consciousness or how quickly we edge towards collective enlightenment, our 'emotional lessons' may never be over! But, then, I'm not sure that 'Supermoons' actually teach us such lessons. There will, indeed, be two more later this year, and six in 2015. These regular heavenly occurrences are just like regular Full Moons but 'louder'.

Friday July 25
Not So Super Moon

Supermoons happen when the Moon comes unusually close to the Earth just as it opposes the Sun. But over the past two weeks, the moon has drifted about as far from Earth as it ever gets. It has waned, too. Indeed, tonight and tomorrow it will not be visible anywhere in the world. You could even argue that this New Moon is Supermoon's alter ego; mild-mannered and seemingly ordinary Dark of The Moon. Though, just as we'd be unwise to underestimate Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, we should remain wary of the hidden power in this weekend's cosmic climate.

Saturday July 26
Your Week Ahead

Under this week's Dark of The Moon, Mars slips into Scorpio. That's good news for all born under the sign of the Scorpion or, as many modern astrologers prefer to call it, the sign of the Eagle. Many ancient texts suggest an association between this sector of the sky and that most noble bird. But it's not just keen-eyed, high-flying, deeply principled Scorpios who benefit from this celestial development. To some extent, we all become more observant, aspirational and idealistic. This is a good week for anyone now dedicating their life to a worthwhile cause or purpose'.

Sunday July 27
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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