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July 28 2014 to August 3 2014

Monday July 28
Astrologer in the House

After I gave my annual talk at Glastonbury Festival this year, I was followed on stage by the UK Member of Parliament, David Treddinnick. He's a keen believer in the usefulness of astrology and has said as much in the House of Commons, despite the scorn of skeptics. I now have even greater faith that one day, our topic will get the respect it deserves. Meanwhile, I've just returned from 'Womad' in Wiltshire. I didn't meet any more MPs at this wonderful festival but I much enjoyed a performance by Nitin Sawhney: another pioneer whose work, I predict, will one day become much better known.

Tuesday July 29
Anger Management

I'm lucky enough to get many letters from readers who kindly say they find my forecasts helpful. I'm quite used to receiving the odd criticism too, from folk who feel I have got it wrong or can't make sense of my writing style or who question my entitlement to make any predictions at all! I don't mind any of this but I'm surprised that our recent discussion about 'forgiveness' has provoked many angry responses. I have even been asked to 'shut up and give it a rest!' I've got a theory about this which I'll share with you tomorrow.

Wednesday July 30
Ire Fire

Some readers have expressed annoyance about our recent discussion topic of forgiveness. In reading their letters, I realise that, as much as I believe the planets influence our lives and the cosmos responds to positive thought, I have deep faith in the idea that resentments harm us. Maybe I have just incurred the ire of a few who feel so hurt by their past that even the suggestion of rising above it upsets them. But if this is a reaction shared by the majority of readers, I may need to be wary of my own capacity to cause controversy.

Thursday July 31
Wish Upon A Star

The view from the window of Spaceship Earth has been particularly pleasing lately. We've just been treated to the magic of the Southern Delta Aquariids, a lovely annual meteor shower. As with all such celestial spectacles, there's a traditional belief that, if you see a shooting star, you can make a wish and be in with a chance of having it come true. Indeed, you may not even have needed to see them! I'm already receiving letters from people who say they are getting powerful dreams and are feeling the need to be careful about what they wish for!

Friday August 1
Reasons to be Hopeful

Welcome to August, a month that is due to bring us a delightful conjunction of Venus with Jupiter plus the annual cavalcade of shooting stars we call the Perseid meteor shower. Whether or not prevailing heavenly conditions make it easy for you to witness these events from where you happen to be, you can expect a lightening of the tense mood that has lately gripped so much of the world. Lately, it seems, we've seen many reasons to feel fearful about the future. Now here, at last, come some even more convincing reasons to feel hopeful, even inspired, instead.

Saturday August 2
Your August Monthly Forecast

If you want to wish upon a star, you may be better off in the Northern Hemisphere this month. The annual Perseid meteor shower should show a shower of silvery streaks between August 10 and 13. Such spectacles confer, upon all who witness them, a traditional entitlement to seek a boon from the cosmos. But as if to demonstrate that the universe is fair, August 4 provides a special chance, Down Under, to take in the rare, stunning sight of the Moon passing in front of Saturn. For us all, that signifies a month when wild hope triumphs over dull convention.

Sunday August 3
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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