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August 4 2014 to August 10 2014

Monday August 4
What the Devil?

Hi Jonathan,
It is wonderful that you have conducted a conversation about rising above resentment but I suspect the term 'forgiveness' is problematic. People should not be forgiven if they feel no remorse. Yet victims should always be encouraged to summon strength to overcome negative emotions, to refuse to allow others to control how they feel and to move to a higher state of awareness and peace. Janette

Dear Jonathan,

They say 'to err is human, to forgive is divine' but to err believing you will always be forgiven is the work of a devil, not a deity. Liz

Tuesday August 5
Divine Mind

Hi Jonathan,
Is astrology a form of communication between the Earth and God? Is this how God communicates to us what lessons we need to learn? If so does this make you a disciple of God? Kathleen

Dear Kathleen,
I certainly don't see myself in that way and I can't think it would be healthy for any astrologer to take such a view of themselves or their art. Although it is true that astrology, as a subject, is a branch of what was once called 'divination' and roughly, this does mean 'attempting to know the mind of the divine'.

Wednesday August 6

Yesterday, I shared a letter from Kathleen who wanted to know whether astrologers were entitled to see themselves as 'disciples'. I've been thinking about this ever since. Astrology is, after all, a belief system. But it is not (or at least it certainly doesn't have to be) a religion. There are atheist and agnostic astrologers who cast charts just as accurately as their Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist colleagues. But then, on balance, I'm probably not the right person to ask. I'm still trying to work out the answer to the question, 'What religion was Jesus?'

Thursday August 7
Fixing Forgiveness

Dear Jonathan,
I once worked for a newspaper where the editor insisted that if his wife's forecast wasn't good, it was 'swapped' with one that was! That made me very sceptical about columns like yours but you so often say what I need to hear, I'm amazed. On the topic of forgiveness, I find that when people can't let go of a hurt, they never think they are wrong, so if someone suggests forgiveness, they feel they are being personally attacked. Tony

Dear Tony,

Ouch! Actually, 'fixing' a prediction for one person's benefit is something I personally find unforgivable!

Friday August 8
The Good, the Bad and the Loony

Weekends and Full Moons are like baths and massages, cakes and coulis, drinks and parties. It is possible to have one without the other but they go together almost too well. We loosen up at weekends. The rhythms of our lives allow more spontaneity and less control. And while the light of the moon is faint by comparison to, say, the garish glare of a neon sign, the rays that emanate from that glowing globe can stir the soul in a most distracting way. You could say that this is a bad weekend for being good... and vice versa!

Saturday August 9
Your Week Ahead

The next few days bring a meteor shower from the constellation of Perseus, a mythological hero who destroyed various monsters. Some may doubt whether Perseus ever existed; but for as long as humans still have imagination, we all need heroic strength to conquer whatever scares us. Thus Perseus remains a strong symbolic figure. If, this week, you see a shooting star, feel free to wish for the power to beat a fear. And if you can see no meteors? It may be because the light of the Full Moon is drowning them out. So wish on the Moon instead!

Sunday August 10
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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