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August 25 2014 to August 31 2014

Monday August 25
Sticks and Stones

Last week, a reader was unforgiving about our recent discussion on forgiveness. She then went on to make some rather sharp and hostile remarks. I don't get many such letters. When I do, I rarely share them. I'd like to thank the many other people who have since kindly written in to counterbalance her comments. I'd also like to acknowledge the letters from those who suggested that I could have shown her more sympathy in my reply. They are right. I could and should. I hope to get better at taking my own advice and rising above such provocation!

Tuesday August 26
Hearing is Believing

Dear Jonathan,
You recently asked if a tree makes a noise when it falls in an empty forest? If no one is there, no one will know! Bronwin


I don't like it when people pose this question as if it is unanswerable. If a tree falls anywhere it will create a vibration in the form of a longitudinal sound wave. Such vibrations travel in parallel to the direction of motion, unlike transverse (e.g. electromagnetic) waves, which oscillate perpendicular to the direction of motion. DJP

Hi Jonathan,

Ultimately, one can only account for one's own perceptions, hence humanity's traditional preoccupation with itself. Martin

Wednesday August 27
Life Jonathan, But Not As We Know It

Hi Jonathan,
Humans are arrogant in thinking there is no intelligent life in the universe other than our own. And yes, there is intelligent life out there. It keeps well away from us! Brenda

Dear Jonathan

If there is other life in the universe, it must be intelligent and peaceful. Whilst looking up at a particularly clear sky recently on what we call a 'bubble wrap' night because of the extraordinarily large number of stars visible, It occurred to me, that maybe the intelligent life doesn't live IN our universe, but outside it! Lyn

Thursday August 28
Good and Evil

Dear Jonathan,
In the end, will good overcome evil? Shelley

Dear Shelley,
Evil, I have to point out, doesn't think of itself as evil. Most of the folk that get labelled as 'evildoers' see themselves and what they do as 'good.' They may even perceive things which you and I see as 'good' as 'evil'. So I'm not sure I can make the prediction that I sense you want me to make. But I do foresee a time when millions grow wise enough to stop making such clear, cut-and-dried distinctions. And that will be good!

Friday August 29
Timber Timbre

If a tree falls in a forest where there is nobody to hear it, does it make a sound? After I asked this in a forecast recently, many letters came in. It is, of course, an age-old conundrum such as, 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' A fascinating question that has no definitive answer. A reader called Rob argues that sound doesn't exist outside our heads, just as salt doesn't taste salty without our interaction with it. Another reader, Ray, ponders whether the tree only makes a sound if we believe it does. Further comments are welcome.

Saturday August 30
Your September Monthly Forecast

Will the state of the world get worse this month? Will there be more global tension, pollution and corruption? It may seem as if that's so... but actually the planet is on a positive trajectory. We're heading for times of greater awareness, empathy, justice, sensitivity and co-operation. If things look otherwise, see it as the effect of turning on a light in a dark room. At first, you see only the previously hidden mess. But now it can be cleared up. As Pluto changes direction, more of us will see how that can really, finally happen.

Sunday August 31
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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