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September 1 2014 to September 7 2014

Monday September 1
Intelligent Designs

Hi Jonathan,
You recently shared my comment about intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. But I also asked a question, which you didn't answer. Do you think early humans were somehow also influenced by the planets, even though this was before anyone invented days, dates, months, zodiac signs etc? Brenda

Hi Brenda,

I'm sure the positions of the planets have always influenced all life on Earth, but I'm not sure I accept the current, prevailing view that 'early humans' were primitive. I suspect there may have been more intelligent life on Earth a few thousand years ago than today!

Tuesday September 2
Help Thy Neighbour

Dear Jonathan,
I'm an attorney and consider myself grounded. But I have had psychic experiences. Once my landlord, Dick, was working in my apartment and a neighbour came to me crying that she couldn't find work. A voice whispered in my ear... (I could almost feel the breath): 'Ask Dick". I made the introduction, she turned out to have the very skills he was looking for, she got her job; he got a much-needed assistant. Experiences like this lead me to believe there is something 'out there' that we don't understand. We only have to pay attention. Diana

Wednesday September 3
Brownie Points

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, in the forecast for my sign, you mentioned 'Brownie Points'. I'm glad you explained them as marks given for good deeds. Growing up as I did in a Canadian Army family, 'Brownie Points' were demerits. If you got too many of those, you were in trouble. Dave

Dear Dave,
I wondered about this phrase when I used it. I even tried to check it, but I couldn't find anything. I wonder how many other popular terms have opposite meanings in countries which supposedly speak the same language? If anyone has more examples, please write in.

Thursday September 4
The Sound of Silence

Dear Jonathan,
You recently asked whether, if a tree falls in a forest where there is nobody to hear it, does it make a sound? There is an entire ecosystem there, all of which can sense the falling of the tree, and respond to it. Sally Anne

Hi Jonathan,
The physical movement of the tree snapping and falling would create vibrations in the air, but those vibrations would need audio receptors to translate them into 'sound'. If the only form of life nearby were a deaf person, they would confirm that it does indeed, not make a sound. Mike

Friday September 5
Rock Chick

Dear Jonathan,
I hate the chicken or the egg question. If something evolved into a chicken, then that something laid an egg that hatched a chicken, so the egg was first. Unless it was the chicken. Crystal

Hi Jonathan,
If there were no sentient organism in the universe, no man mouse or plant that strove against the pull of space and time for its own survival, what time is it? With nothing to observe its passage, does time exist? Does it matter to a rock when it is? Can the stars distinguish between a second and a millennium? Christoff

Saturday September 6
Your Week Ahead

As a glorious Full Moon shines down on us all, Mars aligns antagonistically with Pluto and Venus opposes Neptune. This is a week for dreamers. It is also a week for rebels, eccentrics and iconoclasts. It is a time for all who can see the possibility of positive change to communicate their ideas to those who might be normally inclined to resist such suggestions. Is it therefore, also, a time of potential conflict? Not if those who most passionately seek to stimulate a move towards change are wise enough to persist gently and delicately. And that can yet occur.

Sunday September 7
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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