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September 8 2014 to September 14 2014

Monday September 8
In Other Words

Hi Jonathan,
You recently mentioned words of the same language with different meanings in different places. My family moved from Toronto to California. At school I requested a 'rubber' to erase a mistake. Everyone laughed. I was humiliated. Carol

Dear Jonathan,

An American friend asked how my party had gone. 'Like a bomb!' I said. 'That's a shame' he replied. To him, that meant a disaster. Kate

In Scotland we often say, 'I'm choking on a cup of tea', meaning 'my throat's dry, a cuppa would be welcome'. If you say that elsewhere, people leap to administer the Heimlich manoeuvre. Lucy

Tuesday September 9
On the Pull

At such times as when the Moon is physically close to Earth, even the most hard headed academics can see evidence of increased lunar 'influence' on oceans and rivers. Nor are these the only sensitive 'bodies of water'. Whilst the exact percentage is debatable and tends to fluctuate, all agree that water makes up more than half of every human being! Animals and plants, too, are made more of water than anything else. So if, tonight, you feel pulled by a strong flow, wave or tide, now you know why!

Wednesday September 10
Extra Textra

Hi Jon,
At the last Full Moon, I became emotional and insecure. Unfortunately I sent 30 text messages to my then boyfriend during one night. He has broken up with me now and says sometimes I become 'crazy'. How can I explain that it may have been the Moon, not me. That will really make him think I'm crazy! Vaso

Dear Vaso,
But this wasn't just the Full Moon. It was you and La Luna together! Someone should invent a special app. At Full Moon it could switch itself on, capture outgoing texts and delay them for 24 hours!

Thursday September 11
Sensitive Souls

Dear Jonathan,
As a sensitive person, I am extremely receptive to negative thoughts. Indeed, sometimes it's difficult being me. I'm trying to combat them by imagining a naughty chimp running around my mind leaving little white balls imprinted with the words 'negative thought'. It helps. Doug

Dear Doug,
It occurs to me that, in turning this page into a forum for such letters, I risk alienating more conventionally minded readers. But then I suspect the world's sensitive souls have yet to be properly counted. When the correct tally is finally in... I hereby predict the final figure. Seven billion!

Friday September 12

In the past, aware that I ought to have an occasional holiday, I have sometimes invited guest astrologers to sit in here. I have always chosen these deputies from among the most talented of my colleagues. Most people have praised their work. But others complain because, they say, they want to hear only my words. Sensitive to this, I haven't taken a break for some while. But the recent Supermoon has shown me I do need time off soon. So, if substitutes are no substitute... has anyone got a suggestion about the best way to cover a short absence?

Saturday September 13
Your Week Ahead

Perhaps this week's most interesting astrological link is an angle of 150 degrees between Venus and Uranus. Venus is getting tricky to see because she's so close to the Sun. Uranus is never a naked eye object. And an angle of this kind is so wide, you'd need an uninterrupted view of both Eastern and Western horizons to see the two planets at once, even if they were visible. The alignment speaks of unanswerable questions and issues that resist resolution. Somehow, despite the lack of 'closure', if we can remain open-minded and open-hearted, all will be well.

Sunday September 14
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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