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September 15 2014 to September 21 2014

Monday September 15
Super Lunar Fragile Mystic Extra Pull Is Over

All last week, I kept encountering people who have recently been having intense emotional experiences, reaching profound realisations or entering into tense exchanges. Mainly they report that these cleared up from Tuesday onwards, after the Supermoon peaked. That's much as an astrologer would expect. A Supermoon is, after all, simply a Full Moon intensified due to its relative proximity to the Earth. But there have recently been three of these in a row and some readers are questioning whether they can take any more celestial stress. The good news is, the next few Full Moons will be ordinary ones!

Tuesday September 16
Spider Busters

Dear Jonathan,
My daughter is a schoolteacher. On the first day back after the recent holiday, she experienced a paranormal event. After school, alone in her new classroom, the books ruffled violently. Other teachers have reported similar experiences there. She felt a presence and bravely told it to go away. She says it did! Yet tonight she was cowering in her room terrified of three spiders, which I removed. David

Dear David,
Even the world's most courageous people have to be afraid of something! For many of us, Spiders are somehow a lot more credibly scary than ghosts!

Wednesday September 17
Here Comes the Judge

Dear Jonathan,
After much research I have discovered that modern astrology is a corruption of the Babylonian tradition of 'Mazzaroth'. The sun's path through the signs foretells God's plan to redeem creation. It is likely you will close your mind and not pursue this truth. But remember we all must account for ourselves at Judgement Day. KJ

Dear KJ,
I am aware of this Biblical reference but I don't think the Babylonians 'invented' astrology. Something about the tone of your letter makes me want to ask, Isn't every day a judgement day in the mind of a judgemental person?

Thursday September 18
Scotland the Brave

Dear Jonathan,
Am I the only reader who has noticed how quiet you have been about the vote on Scottish independence? Surely an issue this big makes heavenly waves? Aren't you supposed to be a top-flight astrologer? Where's your prediction then? DHB

Dear DHB,
Actually, I have addressed this issue. I wrote about it for the Scottish Daily Mail in April 2013. I recently reprinted that article on my Facebook page. I haven't pushed my prediction to a wider audience because political predictions make astrologers unpopular. No matter what we foresee, we get unfairly accused of being partisan.

Friday September 19
Scottish Referendum Result

Here's a link to a piece I just posted on Facebook about my prediction for the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum which I made way back in March 2013.

Peace Process

Dear Jonathan,
Sunday September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Do you think there will ever be world peace? Ganeshin

Dear Ganeshin,
It is hard to imagine a truly peaceful world unless all inhabitants of the Earth have real peace of mind. I'd love to envisage such a future but I'm not sure when I see it! But I do foresee a time where campaigners for tolerance and forgiveness are considered just as heroic as soldiers. Gradually, we may yet erode a sorry culture in which bloodshed is considered a regrettable but inevitable side effect of conflict resolution.

Saturday September 20
Your Week Ahead

The midweek New Moon will have an influence on us all, regardless of what sign we were born under. Though Librans, Cancerians, Leos and those born under Aries, may be the most sensitive to this influence, we will each of us experience a moment of awakening. We will feel, with regard to one particular subject or issue, as if we are finally able to recognise a factor that we had been looking at without properly seeing. Inspired and excited by the fresh possibilities that arise from this discovery, we will be able to set in motion many constructive changes.

Sunday September 21
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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