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September 22 2014 to September 28 2014

Monday September 22
Balancing Act

Equinoctial salutations! The days and nights are of equal length and it is time for us all to follow nature's example and reach for a bit of a better balance in our own lives. Extremes are always unnerving. Compromises may seem dull or frustrating but they are usually healthy and wise. And it is, in any event, a well-known fact that nothing in this world stays perfectly aligned or ideally distributed for long! Arrangements slip. Agreements slide. Corrections must be made. Gently but firmly this week, we can all set about pulling back whatever has gone too far.

Tuesday September 23
Outwit Your Outfit

Hi Jonathan,
I'm learning about astrology. I'm confused about the differences between Moon signs, Sun signs, and Rising signs. Am I supposed to know all three? Which am I supposed to give more credence to? Jason

Hi Jason,
Try thinking of them, as hats, jackets and shoes, each available in a range of styles and colours. Any hat can go with any jacket and the jackets need not match the footwear. There's no 'changing outfits'. You got issued a combination at birth. Now you're learning exactly what it was and how best it can be worn together. More tomorrow.

Wednesday September 24
Wearing It Well

Yesterday, Jason asked me about Sun signs, Moon signs and Rising signs. 'What are they?' he asked, and 'Do I need to know all three?' I compared them to hats, jackets and shoes. Each serve a different purpose. Each 'say' something about you. You've got all three in your cosmic wardrobe but only one kind of each. Astrology reveals your outfit and how best to wear it. Hats are rising signs. Image at a glance! Shoes are Moon signs. Rarely a perfect fit. We must learn to walk in them. In your daily forecasts we deal with 'jackets'. I'll explain more, tomorrow.

Thursday September 25

I've recently been trying to explain the difference between Sun signs, Moon signs and Rising signs by comparing them to jackets, shoes and hats! I ran this by my nephew, Oscar, who has recently been studying with the British Faculty of Astrological Studies. He raised an eyebrow at my suggestion that Moon signs are like 'shoes' and said, 'I wonder if they're more like items of underwear? They represent private thoughts and feelings which only those closest to you might ever even see.' I take his point. And we both agree that Sun signs are like jackets. More on that tomorrow.

Friday September 26
The Sun Has Got His Coat On

This week, answering a reader's question, I've suggested the position of the Moon in our birth chart describes our private, hidden emotions. It is thus, rather like underwear. The sign rising over the horizon at our moment of birth is definitely outerwear, the hat we appear to be wearing when others first meet us. But what of the Sun sign, the astrological factor we refer to every day on this page? That's like your favourite coat. It too, conveys a message about who you are. But it also speaks about 'the sense of self' with which you feel most comfortable.

Saturday September 27
Your October Monthly Forecast

A lunar eclipse will be visible from many places on October 8. Whilst all such celestial spectacles are special, this one is rich in symbolic suggestion. The planet Uranus is not a 'naked eye' object. It can take some finding even if you know where to look. But its position, so near the eclipsed Moon will help amateur astronomers align their telescopes. It suggests light is finally going to be shed on a technological puzzle that has been baffling experts. It also speaks of a 'shift in the balance of power' implying justice for those who have suffered unfair treatment.

Sunday September 28
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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