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September 29 2014 to October 5 2014

Monday September 29
Hat Check

Dear Jonathan,
Congratulations on predicting the outcome of the Scottish referendum! Michael

Dear Michael,
As I've said many times, such predictions win astrologers no friends. They just upset the folk who were hoping for a different result.

Hey Jonathan,
In a recent prediction, you mentioned the lottery. That day, three of my numbers came up. I made a little money! Chris

Dear Chris,
This must have been coincidence. I'm sure, whatever I said, it didn't include the prediction of an actual win! It is flattering to be attributed with such powers but I shan't invest in a larger hat!

Tuesday September 30
Sign Language

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for explaining the Sun, Moon and Rising signs. An astrologer once told me my Sun and Rising Sign are both Sagittarius while my Moon sign is Scorpio... but I never really understood. I just know that others keep trying to push me into leadership roles while I never feel happy in these positions. Now, I see why. Beth

Dear Beth, Exactly! You're going through life 'looking' like a Sagittarian due to your rising sign 'hat' and Sun sign 'jacket'. But deep down, a sensitive Scorpio Moon makes you feel more vulnerable than it might seem.

Wednesday October 1
What's My Sign?

I've had much response to my recent explanations about Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. One frequently asked question is 'How do I find out mine?' The simplest, easiest way is to get an astrologer to cast your full personal horoscope using your exact date, time (if known) and place of birth. It doesn't have to be me. We all use the same techniques and consult the same celestial information. It need not even be an astrologer. You can even do it yourself by finding look up tables on the internet or even getting an app for your smart phone.

Thursday October 2
One Person One Sign

I may return soon, to our recent discussions about the differences between Sun signs, Moon signs and Rising signs. They have drawn many letters and attracted the attention of my nephew, Oscar. This, in turn, may be helping me answer another question I've raised here lately about holiday cover! Meanwhile, I should answer another question that comes up often: 'If I know my Moon or Rising sign, should I read it here, on this page, in addition to my Sun sign?' That's tricky. I know many people do this. I don't want to alienate them. But personally, I don't recommend it.

Friday October 3

You recently tried to explain 'character astrology' with a clothing analogy. I prefer a culinary example because the components modify each other. Imagine you're making a casserole. If you add onions to tomatoes, you change the flavour of each. Add peppers and it's different again. Christala

Hi Jonathan,
I thought it interesting that you looked at our Sun, Moon and Rising signs from the top down, while your nephew looked at them from outward to inward. Cheryl

Dear Christala and Cheryl,
I think we can all agree that 'Proper' astrology is much more complicated than Sun sign astrology!

Saturday October 4
Your Week Ahead

You'll be pleased to hear that this week's Full Moon is not one of those 'Supermoons' that we have been having lately. The Moon is not unusually close to Earth. So we can't blame particularly strong emotional upheaval on that. Instead, we can blame it on the powerful Lunar Eclipse! Even those of us who aren't in a place from which the eclipse can be viewed may well have the classic eclipse experience. First, it will seem as if something is falling apart. Then (after a phase of angst and tension) things will turn out to be okay after all!

Sunday October 5
Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

Remember, your Love Forecast today doesn't just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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